Systematic Literature Survey on Emergency Medical Services Literature Survey on Emergency Medical Services

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Vidyasagar Akhumukhi
Sharmila Gaikwad
Vishal Kumar


Now-a-days considering the fast-paced world, particularly in massive cities, several services get delayed due to traffic jams. Ambulance service is one among the crucial services that get delayed fairly often. Additionally, generally onsite doctors aren't obtainable. Therefore, the patient doesn't get medical attention forthwith. ‘Traffic Control System for Smart Ambulance’ is a system which creates a ‘green corridor’ for the ambulance to reach the hospital. Also, it monitors the patient’s health and sends the data to the hospital beforehand. In health monitoring system, the patient’s very important health parameters like heart rate and body temperature are monitored. These parameters are sent to the hospital via message. In traffic control an android application is used in which the traffic control room controls the signals based on the traffic conditions and the location of ambulance and hospital seen on the app. The objective of this paper is to understand the various systems that can be used for ambulances in traffic and help the ambulance to faster reach the hospital.

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Akhumukhi, V., Gaikwad, S. ., & Kumar, V. . (2021). Systematic Literature Survey on Emergency Medical Services: Literature Survey on Emergency Medical Services. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 9(4), 06–12.
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