Analysis and Realization of CAN Bus Technology in Industrial Conveyors

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M. Nouby


Automation industry has undergone a drastic development in recent years. In this busy world human intervention in very high critical industrial processes are compensated by the enormous growth of the automation industries. Due to the advancement there is no need for a person to continuously monitor the system instead by implementing automation through latest technologies, a very high efficient operation of the system is possible. Conveyor system plays an important role in automation for material handlin       g and packaging. For the movement of the material, that is transportation, in any processing, the lack of safety factor leads to many limitation in the automation, due to the unachievable efficiency, that is operational efficiency. For that variable speed drive are used for the purpose of modeling the conveyor belt speed, which is controlled through programmable logic controller. The main objective is to develop an embedded system that will automate the boiler control system by monitoring and controlling the temperature and pressure using the CAN bus communication technology. A PIC microcontroller is used in the project to control the entire operation of the embedded system.

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Nouby, M. (2020). Analysis and Realization of CAN Bus Technology in Industrial Conveyors. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 8(5), 20–24.