A Review on Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing Environment for Mobile devices

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Mr. Amit S. Kamale, Dr. Pradip K. Deshmukh, Prof. Prakash B. Dhainje


Cloud computing is a platform which provides different capabilities which are not just limited to storage, networking and computing capability as a service to users through Internet. Users can automatically request and release these resources on demand, by paying charges for the quantity and quality of service they use. Cloud computing for Mobile which is also referred as Mobile Cloud Computing is combination of mobile with cloud computing that provides user with unlimited access to the pool of different resources from cloud without affecting mobilization of user with his Mobile. As with its advantages it comes with the risk of data read by the cloud service provider or been grabbed by someone else using man-in-middle attack, thus affecting user privacy and integrity and losing users trust further over the service. These issues can be solved by implementing different techniques like encryption, avoiding unauthorized access to user to have access to stored data. Any algorithm or technique used for securing data should consider few important points like Mobile devices are battery powered and have less processing capability and have less storage space. In this paper we reviewed different techniques for secure storage of user’s data in the cloud, their advantages and disadvantages for mobile cloud computing environment.
DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.1505147

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, M. A. S. K. D. P. K. D. P. P. B. D. “A Review on Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing Environment for Mobile Devices”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 3, no. 5, May 2015, pp. 3192-5, doi:10.17762/ijritcc.v3i5.4417.