GSM Controlled Robotics using PIR

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P. B. Madje


In the premature day’s methodology video camera, ultrasonic sensor, radar is used to find the motion of human. In part of video camera one person has to monitor the video recording. If we use ultrasonic sensor then transmitter and receiver is required and also radar is need transmitter and receiver. So, these are high in cost and jamming techniques are there to cheat that is stealth bomber planes. But here we will use one most of important device for sensing that is PIR (pyroelectric infrared sensor). The most important function of PIR is to absorb the infrared radiation from the human body and create a corresponding signal. The wavelength of infrared radiation is 9.4 micro meter. This sensor can be used to find the human up to 3 meter to 90 meter distance. It has protection device that is Fresnel lenses. The detection range without a lens is about three feet but can be extended to up to 90 feet or more by placing an infrared Fresnel lens in front of the sensor. So it helps to find human availability beyond the barrier like walls and fire etc. This type of PIR sensor is used for rescuing persons during earthquake also. The robot car is used the DTMF(Dual tone multi frequency) using CDMA & GSM (mobile phone) having pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR) on this head is find to motion of human body. We can operate a robot car anywhere in the word by using mobile phone and DTMF technique. We can do the operation more securely by using CDMA (code division multiplexing) technology. This robot is used in military application for searching terrorist in forest or to find them in a closed room for counting. This robot car is have video streaming it can operate anywhere in the word.
DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.1505130

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