An Efficient and Optimal IRIS Recognition System using MATLAB GUI

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Sachin Kumar, Govindam Sharma, Nikhil Arora


A biometric system is used for recognition of individual based on their physical or personal characteristics. Biometric system includes face recognition, fingerprint recognition, voice recognition , the Iris recognition etc. various study has shown that iris recognition is the most efficient biometrics. hence the work presented here involved designing a user friendly GUI based efficient and optimal iris recognition system using MATLAB® GUI. So that one with least knowledge of technology can use it. in order to generate the base templates of iris, we have used Masek and Kovesi’s algorithm with some necessary changes. We have used the Image processing toolbox and GUIDE toolbox of MATLAB, to make the GUI for iris recognition system. There are so many methods to design an Iris recognition system having their own pros and cons. Some methods are calculation intensive but they lead in performance while other are less calculation intensive but they lack in performance. To design the iris recognition system we have focused on both the sides i.e. calculation intensity and performance, to make the system efficient and optimal. In order to use this GUI based iris recognition system first, one need to just select an input eye image that one want to recognize from the iris image database and then just click on recognize button in GUI. now you are done. After the recognition process is complete it shows all the results related to that particular recognition process. like the name or number of the recognized person, segmented eye image, noise template etc and MATLAB’s output window shows the hamming distance related to the matching process of the recognition system. We have used the IIT Delhi’s iris image dataset for the verification and testing of our GUI based iris recognition system.
DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.1505127

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, S. K. G. S. N. . A. (2015). An Efficient and Optimal IRIS Recognition System using MATLAB GUI. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 3(5), 3085 –.