Upload Data Rate for Optimal First Chunk Download Time for P2P based Video on Demand (VoD) Services

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Sudipta Majumder, Md. Anwar Hussain


Video on demand (VoD) systems are the one of the emerging content distribution mechanism as it adds lots of conveniences and choices to the users where they can watch Video as per their will asynchronously. But, the implementation of such system faces lots of challenges such as wait-time for starting of the service, download time of the whole video content to provide continuous & unhindered services etc. In this paper we have studied the relation between download time of first chunk and the whole video if the bandwidth is limited in perspective of upload rate in P2P based Video on demand system. Here, we find out at what Upload data rate, we can get best of trade-offs between first chunk download time and whole video download time in order to continuous and unhindered services.
DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.1505102

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, S. M. M. A. H. “Upload Data Rate for Optimal First Chunk Download Time for P2P Based Video on Demand (VoD) Services”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 3, no. 5, May 2015, pp. 2967-72, doi:10.17762/ijritcc.v3i5.4372.