ARM7 based Smart ATM Access System

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ARM7 Based Smart ATM System is designed to add more security to the ATM systems by using biometric, OTP and Accelerometer sensor. In our proposed system, Bankers will collect the customer’s fingerprints and mobile number while opening the account then only customers can access the ATM machine. The primary step of this project is to verify currently scanned finger print with the fingerprint which is registered in the bank. If it finds as a valid then ATM machine, will ask 4 digit pin which is fixed. If the 4 digit code matches with entered pin then system will automatically generates another different 4 digit code i.e. OTP. And that code will be message to the customer registered mobile number. Here customer has to enter this code again. After entering OTP, System will check whether entered code is valid or not. And if it is valid, the customer is allowed for further accessing. Also Accelerometer sensor is used in order to provide security for the ATM machine.
DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.150597

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