Implementation of MPU for a Safe FreeRTOS Frame-work

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Bhavesh Shah, Babu Krishnamurthy


In the embedded world, there are some types of applications which needed to perform with higher accuracy, with safety of data and application, robustness, with a very small footprint and very high performance. This all features are mostly preferred in most of Real Time Operating System (RTOS). But in RTOS itself, there are some problems like data corruption due to some bugs in some part of the code. Due to any illegal access to any part/peripherals/data could cause crash of the whole system. For such kind of applications like safety critical applications in which such things needed to be taken for not letting the system to crash there is a need of having OS, which will provide all the features which we have just discussed. Here in this paper, we propose a way of getting our desired performance from an open source OS FreeRTOS with its IO framework and running those in MPU mode. With the help of some Memory Protection Unit isolation for user space and system specs, different tasks from each other and system space can be achieved. It can achieve by providing MPU functionality in port layer and isolating different tasks data. And provide a protection to FreeRTOS.
DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.150513

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, B. S. B. K. (2015). Implementation of MPU for a Safe FreeRTOS Frame-work. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 3(5), 2558–2561.