Design of USB Composite Device and Host Driver Framework

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Ranjitsinh Rathod, Rajesh Sola


The Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become a most popular communication interface among the personal computer and embedded devices because of its ease of use, low cost, data bandwidth and availability in most computing systems. There are many USB device are available of different USB class like bulk transfer, mass storage, USB CDC, USB HID and many other. All the devices have their own specific device driver for communicating with the USB host system. In the USB device each USB driver is communicate to each interface. So, this dissertation work is based on the implementation of the multifunctional firmware to support the multiple interfaces through a USB driver. Here on the host side any embedded development board or a Linux PC will be used and the USB driver will be develop to support the multiple interface. On the device side, any microcontroller board that supports the USB device will be used. So, between the USB host and device the communication is done using the different class like USB HID, bulk transfer, USB CDC, etc. At the end the outcome will be multifunctional USB firmware to support the two or three functionality.
DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.150506

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, R. R. R. S. “Design of USB Composite Device and Host Driver Framework”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 3, no. 5, May 2015, pp. 2520-3, doi:10.17762/ijritcc.v3i5.4276.