Review Paper on Energy Generation with Restaurant Waste

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Kumar Mrinal, Surendra Agarwal


India is one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Two of the burning problems which have surfaced due to development include solid, liquid & organic waste management and energy crisis. Somewhere we are short of collecting waste and dumping them properly is also a burning issue. Now days in India an organic waste is a major issue it covers up to 40 % of total waste. The organic waste can be hazarders and led to environmental health issues. Besides it we are generating huge waste but fact is we don?t have much area for dumping. According to data from Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), Bhopal is no exception to waste disposal problem with average waste generation of around 700 metric tons or above per day. Nearly half of the waste generated is biodegradable. Presently BMC disposes all the waste in landfill at Bhanpura. With increasing population, it poses a huge challenge as Bhanpura has almost reached its maximum capacity. This research is based over a central zone of Bhopal (MP Nagar), from MP Nagar Zone 1 area which generate 6800-7500kg waste per day which contain rich organic waste up to 70-80 % of it from various restaurants and stalls. This study aims to study the potential of the harnessing energy from biodegradable waste, mainly food waste and FVW, using bio methanization technique. It is limited to MP Nagar Zone1 area Bhopal on the basis of fixed dome biogas plant. To insure produced Renewable energy supply can providing environmental & economic sustainability benefits in the residential, food industry and manufacturing industry.

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, K. M. S. A. (2017). Review Paper on Energy Generation with Restaurant Waste. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 474–477.