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Rakesh Khandare, Rajendra Dafale, Abhishek Anerao, Vikas More


With this technology we all like to keep ourself updated .In RMCET we all get involved in AAROHAN events in which various games and events are organised by student through a committee panel. Various committee are assigned for various events and games and they all manage the work related to there respective event. But many times the user do not get much proper information about those events. Sometimes it also happens that user don?t get the updates of the matches or events going around. So we are going to develop a android app that will provide or keep user updated with the livescores of all the matches going around. The app will be including scores all indoor and outdoor games of the matches or the events. For this we are proposing a application that will give the online score and live streaming of matches held on the ground and inside the college(indoor games). Proposed system will be using android development in MYSQL database from Eclipse Android tool. The app will focus on some functionality required to manage the live scores of the matches and to update the schedules.The app will provide the detailed information of current ongoing matches with the details like recent schedule of tournament, recent results of current match along with the total scores of the department separately.

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, R. K. R. D. A. A. V. M. (2017). Android App for AAROHAN Portal. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 399–400.