Cost Comparison of Superstructure for Bridges: A Review

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Rajesh B. Jadhav, Ashok B. More


A bridge project from its conception to completion involves various stages such as planning, design, approval/sanction, tendering and execution. Also inspections, maintenance & repairs are continuing activities for enhancing the service life of the structure. The selection of superstructure type for bridges plays a vital role to execute the project. The time and cost factor for completion of the bridges shall have great impact on finalization of the superstructure type. The type of superstructure has numbers of aspects in line with the design constraints, geometrical aspects, existing features of old bridges, etc. The standard specifications for design also play a key role to freeze the type of superstructure. The basic idea of study is to increase the cost-effectiveness of bridges by increasing their durability (i.e., useful life). There may be many ways to achieve more durable, less expensive and rapidly constructed structures, however, the methods for execution matters, in cost point of view. A proper method selected will help to save in time and cost of the work. Recently, there has been increased interest in constructing bridges that last longer, are less expensive, and take less time to construct. The results of the study are evaluated for different effective spans by considering support conditions, constituent materials, casting/fabrication methodologies etc. to reach at best economical option for superstructure of the river bridge.

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, R. B. J. A. B. M. (2017). Cost Comparison of Superstructure for Bridges: A Review. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 353–356.