Post Disaster Management of Mithi River Flood after July -2005 by HAVOC

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Mr. Narkar M. S. Dr. More A. B.


The disaster of Mumbai, July 2005 a galvanised the concerned agencies into recognising the importance of the river, which in fact flows through the heart of Mumbai Suburbs. The authorities were willing now to recognise that the Mithi was a "river" and not a "nalla". The Mithi River Development and Protection Authority was established to initiate the study to identify the causes of pollution affecting the river and to suggest remedial measures. The authority conducted and environmental survey of the Mithi River to determine the pollution level of its water. I have tried to analyse the situation and have suggested guidelines for immediate actions as well as for long term measures. I have refrained from working out specific details of any proposals and it will be done as required by the concerned public agencies keeping in view of the guidelines suggested in this paper. Ours has not been a fault finding mission, but a serious exercise to understand as to which deficiencies need to be overcome, so as to be able to face calamitous situations as on 26th and 27th July,2005 in a better prepared way. We hope that our findings will help Mumbaikar?s to move in the right direction rapidly and with confidence.

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