Online Recommendation of Electronic Goods

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Abhijit Patil, Niraj Pawar, Avdhut Marne, Swaroop Wagh


System deals with recommendation of products for clients which help them to make beneficial and effective decisions. Also, this helps our users using this recommendation system to get rid of infoxication which is a state were users are confused to make a decision or come to conclusion. Our recommending tool will use technologies which will be helpful for making precise decisions thus leading to quality recommendations. Use of GPS, for location detection of client using his or her android application and also use of natural languages processing for semantic analysis and review processing. The system we have developing is for electronic goods recommendations for our clients from local market. New electronic products will be recommended as per user search history.

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, A. P. N. P. A. M. S. W. (2017). Online Recommendation of Electronic Goods. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 344–346.