Adaptive Display Intensity Control Using Digital Signal Processor

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Surinder Singh, Ritu Rani


One of the major cause of eye strain and other problems caused while watching video displays is the relative illumination between screen and its surrounding. This can be overcome by adjusting the brightness of screen with respect to surrounding light. The display systems with the human eye features like automatic intensity control under varying background luminance conditions add more challenge to design of display systems. The Adaptive Intensity Control can be achieved by varying the display intensity according to the background intensity level taking into account the comfort level of the user. In this paper, various parameters important for automatic intensity control design have been discussed and a new methodology based on look up table generated using experimental values has been devised by which the display intensity can be adaptively varied maintaining an adequate contrast ratio in real time mode. In this paper, Signal Processor based adaptive display intensity control of display intensity has been proposed.

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, S. S. R. R. (2017). Adaptive Display Intensity Control Using Digital Signal Processor. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 332–334.