Android Application for Ticket Booking using QR-Code

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Dhruvesh Papade, Abhishek Gabhale, Prathamesh Phadtare, Deepali Gawali


India?s population increase day by day, mostly common peoples are depends on the railway locals for travelling to their destinations. Due to increase in travelling passengers by local trains, it is time consuming and frustrated process to buy tickets in a standing queue. To encounter this, the railway has introduced the concept of ATVM cards but losing or theft cards proved to be uneconomical. Our project deals with implementation of a smart-phone application to buy a local railway tickets which is simple and easy to use.The customer application consists of Registration and buying ticket through QR-code.Payment can be done through user?s account i.e. if user is agree to buy ticket then the equivalent ?amount? of the ticket will be deducted from the users account. After payment, ticket is generated on server side, saved in the database and also sent back to the user mobile and saved in the application?s memory which serves as a ticket for the user. The ticket checker application is used to validate the ticket by entering the serial number obtained by the user and searching in the railway database to check whether the user?s ticket is valid or invalid.

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, D. P. A. G. P. P. D. G. (2017). Android Application for Ticket Booking using QR-Code. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 317–320.