Enhanced Searchable Public Key Cipher Text With Hidden Structures For Fast Keyword Search

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Avhad Shivaji A., Varade Jyoti K., Aulagar Naveen S., Prof. S.A. Handore


Existing semantically secure public-key searchable coding schemes take search time linear with the overall variety of the cipher texts. This makes retrieval from large-scale databases preventative. To alleviate this drawback, this paper proposes Searchable Public-Key Cipher texts with Hidden Structures (SPCHS) for keyword search as quick as potential while not sacrificing linguistics security of the encrypted keywords. In SPCHS, all keyword-searchable Cipher texts area unit structured by hidden relations, and with the search trapdoor such as a keyword, the minimum info of the relations is disclosed to an enquiry rule because the steering to search out all matching Cipher texts expeditiously. We have a tendency to construct a SPCHS theme from scratch during which the Cipher texts have a hidden star-like structure. We have a tendency to prove our theme to be semantically secure within the Random Oracle (RO) model. The search quality of our theme relies on the particular variety of the Cipher texts containing the queried keyword, instead of the amount of all Cipher texts. Finally, we have a tendency to gift a generic SPCHS construction from anonymous identity-based coding and collision-free full-identity malleable Identity-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanism (IBKEM) with namelessness. We have a tendency to illustrate 2 collision-free full-identity malleable IBKEM instances, that area unit semantically secure and anonymous, severally, within the artificial language and customary models.

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, A. S. A. V. J. K. A. N. S. P. S. H. (2017). Enhanced Searchable Public Key Cipher Text With Hidden Structures For Fast Keyword Search. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 300–303. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v5i3.292