Smart Agriculture Using Internet of Things

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Aditi Pardeshi, Bhagyashri Pawar, Mr.H.D.Gadade


Agriculture is considered as the basis of life for the human species and it is the main source of food grains and other raw materials. It plays vital role in the growth of country?s economy and development. It also provides large amount of employment opportunities to the people .The internet of things (iot), the idea of getting real world objects connected with each other, will change the way users organize, obtain and consume information radically. Through sensor networks, agriculture can be connected to the iot, which allows us to create connections among farmers, agronomists and crops regardless of their geographical differences. With the help of this it will provide real time information about the field that will help farmers to monitor the field and make right decisions accordingly.

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, A. P. B. P. M. (2017). Smart Agriculture Using Internet of Things. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 257–260.