Mobile Cloud Encrypted Searching and Traffic Reduction

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Pavan Kulkarni, Aditya More, Ganesh Pawar, Sushil Padghan, Rahul Patil


Now days, cloud infrastructure have been popular for storing data in the world. User can store his public and private data on cloud. To secure the private data it must be encrypted. This encrypted data should be retrieved and stored efficiently. This era is digital era. Nearly about each person has mobile phone. So smart phone would be the best client for the cloud. But using smart phone use wireless network which face many difficulties like low bandwidth, low latency, low battery, low transmission etc. The traditional search is not developed on focusing on smart phone so using smart phone it require the extra network traffic and long time for search. The application use the light weight trapdoor which reduce trapdoor size and provide feasible method for the network traffic efficiency. Also it use and Ranked Serial Binary Search algorithm 0and Trapdoor Mapping Table (TMT) to minimize the search time. The proposed system reduce the search time and network traffic.

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, P. K. A. M. G. P. S. P. R. P. (2017). Mobile Cloud Encrypted Searching and Traffic Reduction. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 244–247.