Study of Irrigation Project In View of Cost and Time Overruns

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Mr. Shripad Bhagat A., Prof. S. S. Patil


It is well known that most irrigation projects in India exposed to time and cost overrun or both. This phenomenon may affect the progress of country as well as may expose many institutions of construction to be destroyed. The aim of this paper is to study of irrigation projects in view of cost and time overruns of irrigation projects in Amravati region. The study clarified that ?Land acquisition, Rehabilitation affected people and Increase in CSR rate was the most critical factor that influences project delay. The survey also indicated that "Other reasons" occupied the second rank in importance, where "Changes in Structural Design, Establishment tools and plant (ETP) and Extra work" were among the most important factors affecting delay. The study illustrated that "prices fluctuations of constructions project due to other reasons" which was changes in design, land acquisition, Delay in government approval, oppose of farmers and unforeseen ground conditions these are the most important factors that may lead to cost overrun. Also it clarified that contractor's delay of material delivery and equipment have led to cost overrun. The study also clarified that prices inflation highly contributes to cost overrun. The study recommended government, contractors, and consultants to hold their responsibilities to avoid any delay or cost overrun which could be achieved by good management of the project and finding new methods for storing the needed materials from the beginning of the project.

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, M. S. B. A. P. S. S. P. (2017). Study of Irrigation Project In View of Cost and Time Overruns. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 241–243.