Android Application for Password less Login to Web Application

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Aakash Kanvinde, Swapnil Panchal, Shamini Palrecha, Prof. Reena Lokare


Passwordless Login for Web Application? is an android application, will be used to access online internet accounts of distinct web applications and web services. The user would register with pre-requisite credentials primarily like, an email id, primary mobile number, and a unique username and a secondary mobile number. After successful registration, the user would be required to enter its registered username only. After submitting the registered username, a unique QR code will be popped up on the website. The user would scan the QR code using his/her android mobile phone. After successful scanning of QR code, the authentication and authorization procedure will be performed thereby granting secure access.

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, A. K. S. P. S. P. P. R. L. (2017). Android Application for Password less Login to Web Application. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 222–224.