Research Approaches for Cloud Bank Risks Identification, Mitigation, and Coping

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Mohammad Nashir Uddin, Prof. Li Tong, Prof. Li Hao


Cloud computing is a distributed system that enabled on-demand access of dynamically configurable resources and managed with minimal effort or interaction. The cloud bank model inspired from real commercial bank model where cloud computing environment is classified into Cloud Resource Providers (CRP), the Cloud Bank (CB), and Cloud Resource Consumers (CRC) roles. CRP play the role as depositors where CRC play borrowers role and the cloud bank plays the role as a bank where transaction take place at commercial banks. CRP are distributed physically that creating uncertainties that can affect the reliability of the cloud bank. Other direct or indirect circumstances may cause risks for the cloud bank. So accessing the cloud bank risk identification method, mitigation, and coping strategy is an important part of the cloud bank model. Even though the cloud bank deal with intangible property unlike a real commercial bank but this paper will prove that it was worth to examine commercial banks’ risk identification, mitigation, and coping methods to find possible solutions to make cloud bank environments reliable.

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, M. N. U. P. L. T. P. L. H. (2016). Research Approaches for Cloud Bank Risks Identification, Mitigation, and Coping. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 4(11), 231 –.