Design of Simulator for Alarm Modules

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Smita Kashid, Prakarsha Saxena, Smita Chopde


For easy, comprehensive testing and evaluation of error conditions in a real time environment, now-a-days use of a simulator on software based platform for generating these conditions as well as testing before it is actually implemented on a commercial scale ,that would be manifolds of the current scenario .The inputs are assimilated , conditioned , in an testing environment are processed according to a set of parameters specified and designed according to the designer or the user of application. The objective of a simulator is to create a uncomplicated migration from a hardware sourced system to software based simulator where concurrent processes and evaluations are done forehand to comprehend, ameliorate the simulator ,accordingly these implementations to be done in the hardware where the core would reside perform the key task managements. At, the testing unit, the system is ignorant whether it is an actual system performing the operations and implementing the tasks or a simulator performing mimicking the hardware and conducting the actual tasks on a software. It could be comprehended as if a mobile is simulated on desktop and the end user is being asked to use this mobile on computer with all the similar features that the user would have an access in an actual mobile. So, here in the system simulator will assist the testing as well as checking the efficiency of the system and study of the complex hardware system.

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, S. K. P. S. S. C. (2016). Design of Simulator for Alarm Modules. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 4(11), 223 –.