Cryptography Based Hybrid Security Architecture for Mobile Multi Agents

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Swati Singhal, Heman Pathak


Distributed Computing is the current area of research. Many researchers are working in area of Distributed Computing and trying to find a solution for the security and other issues. In Distributed Computing the mobile agents are the very important thing. When different mobile agents work in the same environment simultaneously it becomes a very important issue. Mobile agents have automatic, pro-active, and dynamic problem solving behaviors. However, scope of this paper is limited to analyze the existing security approaches for Mobile Multi Agent System. Security issues of mobile agent address the problem of securing and protecting agents from the attack of malicious hosts and other agents as well as securing the host from attack of malicious agents. This paper introduces a new approach of security for agent from other agents. Paper discusses Cryptography Based Hybrid Security Architecture with trust and reputation named CBHSA. It breaks the security of MA in two parts. The first level of security is work on the MA and second level of security is maintained on network. The model CBHSA, its different components and security of MA during movements around the network are discussed in this paper. This paper emphasis on the security of MA’s during migration within the network or outside the network.

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, S. S. H. P. (2016). Cryptography Based Hybrid Security Architecture for Mobile Multi Agents. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 4(11), 154–159.