Stock Market Prediction and Analysis Using Naïve Bayes

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Mahajan Shubhrata D., Deshmukh Kaveri V., Thite Pranit R., Samel Bhavana Y., Prof. Chate P.J


The stock market is the most popular investing places for users. Because of its expected high profit. Recently forecasting stock market returns gaining more attention. The prediction of stock markets is regarded as a challenging task. Data analysis is the way of predicting future value. if future stocks prices will increase or decrease. The main objective of this paper is to predict future stock price using prediction concept. In that Parse Records then calculate predicted value and send to user. And automatically perform operations like purchase and sale shares using Automation concept. For that use Naïve Bayes Algorithm. There is Real time Access by Download log forms yahoo finance website and Store in dataset.

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, M. S. D. D. K. V. T. P. R. S. B. Y. P. C. P. (2016). Stock Market Prediction and Analysis Using Naïve Bayes. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 4(11), 121–124.