Software Piracy Root Detection Framework Using SVM Based On Watermarking

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Harshali Jagtap, Samruddhi Rawool, Priyanka Waghmode, Kalyani Malve, Kavita Kumavat


Software root piracy detection is tool to use for detect the owner of java software project or unauthorized copy of jar file. Existing system content the licensing mechanism for protecting our software from piracy but by skipping license or cracking that key piracy is done. The proposed system java based piracy detection software tool to overcome from this problem of piracy and find the offender. Proposed system use ‘Watermarking’ is a technique which attempts to protect the software by adding copyright notices or unique identifiers into software to prove ownership. We evaluate the existing Java watermarking systems and algorithms by using them to watermark byte code files. We develop the piracy root detection mechanism in this system. The advantage of this technique is that software watermarking is handled as the knowledge embedded into support vector machine and is closely associated with the program logic. It makes watermark more impossible to be destroyed and removed. We have to apply the watermarking content to the jar files of java software in this system the invisible watermarking is use. The results of the experiment further indicate that the proposed technique is a lightweight and effective software watermarking scheme.

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, H. J. S. R. P. W. K. M. K. K. (2016). Software Piracy Root Detection Framework Using SVM Based On Watermarking. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 4(11), 84–90.