Security Enhancement using Color Based Alphanumeric on Cloud

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Bharani. M, Naveena. R, Priyadharshini. V, Sridharan. S


Cloud computing is where computing resources are accessed from a virtual machine ?cloud? rather than a local desktop or organizational data center. While enjoying the convenience brought by this cloud, users also start worrying about losing control of their own data. The only solution is authentication. The password is the most common authentication method. Text based, patterns, pictographic and graphical passwords are suffering from some security attacks. This paper uses color code authentication in which the OTP is generated after the two steps of authentication. This color scheme tests with different kinds of security attacks. It is used for secure authentication for data protection in the cloud.

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, B. M. N. R. P. V. S. S. (2017). Security Enhancement using Color Based Alphanumeric on Cloud. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 88–90.