BUSINESS DIARY - An Interactive and Intelligent Platform for SME’s

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Prof. Pratvina Talele, Avdhoot Mukhedkar, Pandurang Tiwari, Prerit Choudhary


There are currently many online trading platforms in the Internet. However, they have various drawbacks and are not welcome by sellers who just want a simple and yet intelligent and user-friendly platform for reaching buyers. Traditional methods are costly and not suitable for small and medium enterprises. This project focuses on creating such a platform that allows sellers to reach buyers efficiently. With advent of several successful e-commerce web portals like,, etc., world is witnessing an explosion of service providers as well as service consumers. The approach is to attain beneficial flow for end users who are looking for services which match their custom requirements rather that best (and hence more costly) service.This idea is focused on the development of web application to facilitate such a need with an aim to providing an intelligent user-interface to both the sellers and the buyers.

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, P. P. T. A. M. P. T. P. C. (2018). BUSINESS DIARY - An Interactive and Intelligent Platform for SME’s. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 260–262.