iTimer - Count On Your Time

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Mrs. Sanjeetha R., Ankit Goyal, Biswajit Kumar, Abhinav Priyadarshi


In current lifestyle people tend to waste a lot of time in doing unnecessary activities like watching movies, playing video games, window shopping, etc. Many a times they are not aware of the cumulative time they spend wastefully. They can use their time constructively if they were informed about it through a mobile app. In our project we aim to develop an app which helps in monitoring the amount of time spent in such activities at various locations and inform the user about the same through visual display on Google maps. This app displays the summary of the locations visited during the day along with timestamps for better analyzing of data.

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, M. S. R. A. G. B. K. A. P. (2018). iTimer - Count On Your Time. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 241–244.