Finest Execution Time Approach for Optimal Execution Time in Mobile and Cloud Computing

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Jaideep Manocha, Dr. Sunita Chaudhary


This is the time when modernism and innovations concerning new technology and trends are hitting at the highest point. Mobile computing becomes the technology where dealings between the computer and man is to be is to be transported even when the usual operation as data, voice, video etc are transferred. The second dimension that we consider into account is the growing trend of cloud technique. It is a huge arrangement of the hardware and applications that makes the surroundings of the cloud. When we consider the smart mobile devices then it is obvious that these are constrained in many terms as energy or the power, the computing resources means the applications etc. so there are many issues those can be considered as challenges as for example energy saving, execution time of the tasks etc. one of the important issue is offloading applications that is related to the incapacitation of the resources. Fundamentally offloading is the technique or procedure by which the heavy tasks i. e the computation intensive tasks is migrated on the cloud. We have done our work in the same context. In this paper we recommend an algorithm known as FET algorithm which stands for Finest Execution Time. Our algorithm is used to reduce the total execution time of the tasks required to be finished at the SMD. We have taken length of the task as a core parameter of this algorithm. The algorithm works in 2 passes. We have proven our results by comparing with the existing methods. Our method or the algorithm gives a benefit or 10 to 13 percent in the total execution time.

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, J. M. D. S. C. (2018). Finest Execution Time Approach for Optimal Execution Time in Mobile and Cloud Computing. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 166–171.