Novel Approach for Comparative Analysis of Networking Routing Protocol

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Sonam, Mr. Tarun Dalal


Wireless sensor network is nowadays very popular important in field of research because world is now switching faster from wired communication to the wireless communication. We studied many research papers from various researchers and every research worked on diverse protocol. As we know protocol are classified in different domain and every domain having its own advantages and limitations. In our research work our main focus is to enhance the base work in term of networking parameters. During execution of any research first of all we have to execute in virtual environment due to cost factor. Because if we directly execute in real world it is not necessary that work would be carried out successfully therefore in this scenario huge loss of money will came into existence. We executed our research work in NS2 simulation environment. WSN is collections of very small sensor nodes which accept information and transfer this valuable information to the base station via shortest routes so that energy consumption would be reduced. WSN has defined diverse routing protocols for the network. There are two main problem exist in WSN, first one is to design a routing protocol which gives optimization of energy and another security issue due to dynamic topology. There are diverse routing protocols which are classified as their working and their application to different conditions. In our research work we worked on four routing protocols and integrated these into NS 2 Software. Out of these protocols we found that ECHERP protocol performance is excellent as compared to other routing protocol in WSN.

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, S. M. T. D. (2018). Novel Approach for Comparative Analysis of Networking Routing Protocol. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 157 –.