Sarcasm Detection and User Behaviour Analysis

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Pooja Deshmukh, Sarika Solanke


Sarcasm is a sort of sentiment where public expresses their negative emotions using positive word within the text. It is very tough for humans to acknowledge. In this way we show the interest in sarcasm detection of social media text, particularly in tweets. In this paper we propose new method pattern based approach for sarcasm detection, and also used behavioral modelling approach for effective sarcasm detection by analyzing the content of tweets however by conjoint exploiting the activity traits of users derived from their past activities. In this way we propose the different method for sarcasm detection such as, Sentiment-related Features, Punctuation-Related Features, Syntactic and Semantic Features, Pattern-Related Features approach for detection of sarcasm in the tweet. We also develop the behavioural modeling approach to check the user emotion and sentiment analysis. By using the various classifiers such as TREE, Support Vector Machine (SVM), BOOST and Maximum Entropy, we check the accuracy and performance. Our proposed approach reaches an accuracy of 94 %.

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, P. D. S. S. (2018). Sarcasm Detection and User Behaviour Analysis. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 77–82.