Arduino based Real Time Clock with Ringing of Bell and National Anthem

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Shabnum Rasool Shaikh, Snehal Suryakant Kale, Arti Ashokrao Suryawanshi, Prof. Chalkikar G. V.


Now a days many school and college bells are operated manually. Hence there is a huge demand of accuracy is required. In market there are many digital clocks available with bells but rings only at specific time and cannot stop after that specific time. A new and inexpensive design is being presented here, in this project. The benefit of this design is that, the bell rings at the start of each period without any human intervention and hence takes over the manual task of switching on/off the college bell with respect to time. It uses Real Time Clock (DS1307) which work at the real time. The Arduino UNO is used to control all the functions; it gets the time through the keypad and stores it in its memory and display it on LCD display. When this programmed time equals the real time then the bell is switched on via a relay and rings for a predetermined time. The bell ringing time can be edited at any time, so that it can be reused at normal class timings as well as at exam times. Also the voice play module with USB player and speaker, play the national anthem according to the users given time as programmed using Arduino UNO.

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, S. R. S. S. S. K. A. A. S. P. C. G. V. (2018). Arduino based Real Time Clock with Ringing of Bell and National Anthem. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 33–35.