Implementation of Hybrid and Secured Solar Street Light System using Arduino

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Dr. Mrs. A. P Rathkanthiwar, Megha Yadav, Kirti Chaudhari, Savita Ghanode, Ulka Ramteke


Nowadays solar driven street light are widely used and this trend will be continued. As the solar panels and batteries are costly therefore they are more vulnerable to theft. Accumulation of dirt or particles like dust, sand and moss on the surface of solar photovoltaic panel obstruct the light energy from reaching the solar cells thereby reducing the efficiency of the system. Production of solar energy is low in rainy days. When the street light gets fuse there is no maintenance for many months. To overcome these problems faced by solar street lights, we are proposing use of a hybrid solar street light system with security and maintenance. The system consists of magnetic door contact switch to detect the displacement of solar panel and battery, light dependent resistors to check whether the light is fuse or not. Wipers are used to clear the dust on solar panels. Arduino Uno is used to process the data from the sensors and GSM module is used to provide information to the concerned authority. The system is able to switch to electricity when the batteries are not able to charge.

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, D. M. A. P. R. M. Y. K. C. S. G. U. R. (2018). Implementation of Hybrid and Secured Solar Street Light System using Arduino. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(2), 177 –.