Multiple Sector Identification Using Unique Referance Key

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Yogesh Amane, Phadtare Aruna, Suryawanshi Sonali, Shinde Shital, Yadav Anjali


Using NoSQL storage like Mongodb, users can remotely store their data and enjoy the on-demand high quality applications and services from a shared pool of configurable computing resources, without the burden of local data storage and maintenance. The Unique ID system provides unique identification numbers to Indian residents. Unique key which would not just help the government to track down individuals, but would make life far easier for citizens as they would not have to submit multiple documents each time they want to avail a new public, private and government service. This system will contain personal details like name, address, marital status, photo, identification mark and fingerprint biometric. The unique key will be in the formed of 6 digit alphanumeric number to provide more security. This system helps to manage persons needs in his/her life span by using a unique reference key i.e. the number is used as valid key and it will fetch only the required details from the central database. This system will create government jobs for computer sector in the development, implementation and maintenance of the UID system. A single unique key is used therefore decreasing manual labour and increasing efficiency as every detail is available on the single click and reducing the efforts in maintaining different databases.

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, Y. A. P. A. S. S. S. S. Y. A. (2018). Multiple Sector Identification Using Unique Referance Key. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(2), 157–161.