Secure Transmission by Using Mobile Ad hoc Networks

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G. Arunkumar, K. Balaji, N. Chinnadhurai, M. Rahulraja, D. Maria Manuel Vianny


The use of communication security protocols originally developed for wire line and WiFi networks can also place a heavy burden on the limited network resources of a MANET. The framework is designed to allow existing network and routing protocols to perform their functions, whilst providing node authentication, access control, and communication security mechanisms.Simulation results comparing SUPERMAN with IPsec, SAODV and SOLSR are provided to demonstrate the proposed frameworks suitability for wireless communication security. It provide secure transmission of data at the time the hackers hit the process received only empty data. This paper presents a novel security framework for MANETs, SUPERMAN. To overcome the traffic issues, delay of transmission nodes and protect from attackers.The data transmission in secure path.

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, G. A. K. B. N. C. M. R. D. M. M. V. (2018). Secure Transmission by Using Mobile Ad hoc Networks. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(2), 144–146.