Cloud Computing Security Framework - Privacy Security

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Mr. Nassreldeen Ibrahim Eltayp, Prof. Osama Abdalwahab Rayis


Cloud computing is an emerging style of IT delivery that intends to make the Internet the ultimate home of all computing resources- storage, computations, and accessibility. It has an important aspect for the companies and organization to build and deploy their infrastructure and application. It changed the IT roadmap essential from service seeking infrastructure to infrastructure seeking services. It holds the promise of helping organizations because of its performance, high availability, least cost and many others. But the promise of the cloud cannot be fulfilled until IT professionals have more confidence in the security and safety of the cloud. Data Storage service in the cloud computing is easy as compare to the other data storage services. At the same time, cloud security in the cloud environment is challenging task. Security issues such as service availability, massive traffic handling, application security and authentication, ranging from missing system configuration, lack of proper updates, or unwise user actions from remote data storage. It can expose user’s private data and information to unwanted access. It consider to be biggest problem in a cloud computing. The focus of this research consist on the secure cloud framework and to define a methodology for cloud that will protect user’s data and highly important information from malicious insider as well as outsider attacks by using Kerberos, and LDAP identification.

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, M. N. I. E. P. O. A. R. (2018). Cloud Computing Security Framework - Privacy Security. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(2), 78 –.