Online Single Window Group Action System

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Ilakkiya. P, Durga Devi. K, Kiruthiga Devi.A, Vidhya.V, Sugumaran V. R


The project title is “online single window group action system” The authentic users are wise to of this just one occasion positive identification on his signed. Though security researchers have created nice strides in fighting these threats by protective systems, individual users and digital assets, sadly the threats still cause issues. The principle space of attack is authentication that is after all the method of crucial the accessibility of a user to a specific resource or system. Today, passive or active users are the key thought of security mechanisms. The passive user is simply fascinated by understanding the system. The active user, on the opposite hand, can think about and mirror on easy use, efficiency, note ability, effectiveness and satisfaction of the system. The banking resolution for the users United Nations agency has multiple bank accounts in multiple banks. This interface integrates all existing banks and provides business solutions for each retail and company. The most focus of the applying is maintaining multiple bank accounts a user has. An individual will have checking account in any variety of banks. However it’s exhausting to recollect each bank logins. Thus we've developed an online application wherever an individual will handle all his bank accounts in an exceedingly secure manner.

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, I. P. D. D. K. K. D. V. S. V. R. (2018). Online Single Window Group Action System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(2), 49 –.