IOT Based Home Automation Using RASPBERRY PI

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Bhagyashri Nagorao Dhondge, Suhas Sayajirao Jahdav


KITCHEN environment monitoring is one of the important measures to be closely monitored in real-time for safety, security and comfort of people. With the advancements in Internet technologies and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), a new trend in the era of ubiquity is being realized. Enormous increase in users of Internet and modifications on the internetworking technologies enable networking of everyday. The paper proposes a Raspberry pi based kitchen monitoring system. Raspberry Pi is used as a Embedded Web Server, User can control Set of devices from Phone/PC Web Browser. We have designed and implemented a compact wireless sensor network with internet capability. The system can monitor the status of kitchen and send an alert SMS via GSM network automatically to users. The system has the capability to control through internet, where the subject of received email is read by the developed algorithm fed into Raspberry pi and then the system responds to the corresponding instruction with high security. The user can directly log in and interact with the embedded device in real time without the need to maintain an additional server. Here the project also proposes the sensors interfacing with the controller and GSM modem too.If there is the Gas detection or fire the message will be sent through the GSM. The system is modularly built, allowing different modules to be added. In addition, it is flexible to accommodate a wide range of measurement devices with appropriate interfaces. It has a variety of features such as energy efficient, intelligence, low cost, portability and high performance.

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, B. N. D. S. S. J. (2018). IOT Based Home Automation Using RASPBERRY PI. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(1), 187–189.