RASPBRRY PI Based Greenhouse Management System

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Bhagyashri Nagorao Dhondge,Suhas Sayajirao Jadhav


In an trade throughout bound hazards is are going to be terribly tough to observe the parameter through wires and analog devices like transducers .The greenhouse vegetable production desires less labor, less capital, has quicker returns than traditional vegetable production. And it can't be simply influenced by the climate. thus the greenhouse vegetables are wanted by vegetable growers. it's terribly tough to manage scattered greenhouse while not a far off surroundings observation system. This project uses sensing elements such Temperature sensor (LM35), LDR. The temperature sensing element LM35 senses the temperature and converts it into an electrical (analog) signal, that is applied to the small controller through ADC. The analog signal is regenerate into digital format by the analog-digital converter (ADC). because the explicit temperature device is activated high, the load (Fan) is ON. within the same approach the LDR senses night, the load (bulb) are going to be ON. Here two temperature sensors and two LDR sensors are used. Raspberry pi is that the heart of the whole system. The Raspberry Pi could be a credit-card-sized single-board pc developed within the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation . The Raspberry Pi incorporates a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip which has an ARM1176JZF 700 rate processor Video Core IV GPU and was originally shipped with 256 megabytes of RAM, later Upgraded to 512 MB. It doesn't embody a constitutional fixed disk or solid-state drive, however Uses an SD card for booting and long storage.

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