Adoption of Online Home Services an Empirical Study of Consumer Behaviour in Ludhiana City

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Navleen Kaur, Rajwinder Kaur


The advent of technology has revolutionized the service industry, particularly in the realm of home services. This study aims to investigate the nuanced relationship between demographic factors and the adoption of online home services by customers. Recognizing the increasing prevalence of digital platforms offering services ranging from home maintenance to professional consultations, understanding the demographic influences on consumer adoption becomes imperative for service providers and marketers. This research employs a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews, to gather comprehensive insights into the preferences and behaviors of consumers in the online home services sector. The study focuses on key demographic variables such as age, income, education, and geographic location to discern patterns and correlations that may influence the likelihood of customer adoption. The findings are expected to contribute to both academic literature and industry practices by shedding light on the factors that drive or inhibit the adoption of online home services among different demographic groups. Moreover, implications for marketing strategies and platform design may emerge from understanding how customer demographics intersect with their preferences, trust levels, and technological literacy. As the digital landscape evolves, this research aims to provide actionable insights for businesses aiming to tailor their services to diverse customer segments. The outcomes of this study will contribute to a deeper understanding of the socio-economic and cultural factors influencing the adoption of online home services, fostering a more informed and effective approach for businesses operating in this dynamic and rapidly growing sector.

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Rajwinder Kaur, N. K. (2024). Adoption of Online Home Services an Empirical Study of Consumer Behaviour in Ludhiana City. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(11), 881–889.