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IJRITCC : International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication is cited by articles on WoS database at least 116 times since published in 2016. The number citation calculation for each year is:

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>> Citedness in WoS : 116 times (from 47 documents)

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Design and Development of Memristor-based Combinational Circuits 2016 2
Design and Development of Memristor-based Combinational Circuits 2016 1
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An application of Haar wavelet decomposition in video frames preservation in association with visual cryptography 2016 1
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Droidmark: A tool for android malware detection using taint analysis and bayesian network 2018 2
Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Categorize and Reduce Stress in Human Beings 2018 1
Prediction of Football Match Score and Decision Making Process 2018 6