Conference Issue: Track 1 Papers

2nd International Conference on Science & Technology for Science, Columbo, Srilanka.

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. A Review on the Biometric based Authentication System  

Authors: ku. Prerna D. Bhelkar, Prof. A. P. Bagade

Page No.: 01 - 05


2. A Review: GSM Based Vehicle Fuel Monitoring and Theft Detection System with SMS Indication  

Authors: Manisha Rinayat, Naina Tarpe, Priyanka Gadewar, Ganesh Barde, Aksahy Mohurle, Suchita S. Kamble

Page No.: 06 - 09


3. LI-FI: Data Transmission Using Light  

Authors: Ashwini Bagwe, Sabiha Sayyed, Ashwini Ghode, Preety Mahato, A. P. Linge

Page No.: 10 - 12


4. Major Railway Track Damage Identification Using Raspberry Pie and Internet of Things  

Authors: Shubham Dhoke, Abhya Pandey

Page No.: 13 - 14


5. Automated Shopping Trolley for Mega Mall  

Authors: Ms. Shivani Deshmukh, Ms. Deepika Tadas, Ms. Gayatri Girade, Ms. Bhavana Bele, Ms. Ashvini Sattekar, Prof. A.K.Sapkal

Page No.: 15 - 20


6. A Review: Wireless Communication Using Li-Fi  

Authors: Achal B. Kolhe, Prof. R. N. Mandavgane

Page No.: 21 - 24


7. A Review: Cost Effective IOT Based Air Pollution Monitoring and Air Quality Analysis  

Authors: Neha R. Rewatkar, Prof. Deepali M. Khatri

Page No.: 25 - 28


8. Web Security Mechanism to Avoid Web Attacks: A Review  

Authors: Anshul Dubey, Shubham Ramteke, Rupesh Nikam, Prof. Raju Pawar

Page No.: 29 - 31


9. Ensuring Load Balancing in Cloud IAAS Service: A Review  

Authors: Jaishree V. karade, Neha N. Gupta, Piyush M Gawande, Siddhant R. Bodile, Swapnil Dalvi, Prof. Dipali Pethe

Page No.: 32 - 35


10. Solar Panel Multicharger System with Auto Cutoff: A Review  

Authors: Priyanka Singre, Rekha Nimbekar, Sumama Khan, Sneha Patil, Prof. Saurav Suman

Page No.: 36 - 39


11. Group Key Agreement with Local Connectivity  

Authors: Shraddha N. Hedaoo, Puja D. Devale, Dasurya V. Chitriv, Dixit P. Chopde, Prof. Supriya Sawwashere

Page No.: 40 - 42


12. Wireless Zigbee Health Monitoring & Feedback System in Animal Health Care  

Authors: Miss. Rajshree S. Thakre

Page No.: 43 – 45