Conference Issue: Ncset Track Papers

National Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (NCSET – 2016) Organized by:- " VIT University, Chennai"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Automatic Detection of Sleep Apnea from ECG Signal  

Authors: Ashija P A, Chekuri Sravani, Dr. Suchetha M

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Empirical Mode Decomposition based Feature Extraction Method for the Classification of EEG Signal  

Authors: Anant kulkarni, Dr. Suchetha M.

Page No.: 04 - 08


3. Implementation of Beaconless Geographic Forwarding Scheme for V2V Communication and Analysis of Opportunistic Routing Schemes and it’s Suitability in VANETs  

Authors: Prem Kumar Arumugham, Kesavan Apparsamy, Jayavignesh Thyagarajan

Page No.: 09 - 12


4. Performance Analysis and Comparison of various Radio Propagation models and its impact on Routing Efficiency  

Authors: Patel Anjali H., Bandana Kumari, Jayavignesh Thyagarajan

Page No.: 13 - 16


5. Performance of Hybrid Optical Amplifier and Conventional Optical Amplifier in the Scenario of Long Haul Ultra Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed System  

Authors: Ambica.R, Monica.J, Prashant M. Dhanave, Dr. A. Sivasubramanian

Page No.: 17 - 20


6. Image Based Multiple Bar-Code Detection System  

Authors: D. Siva Sai Srikar, E. Prasanth Reddy, K. Aravindh Raju, Prakash .R

Page No.: 21 - 23


7. All Optical Networks  

Authors: Varun Seshadri, Sangeetha R.G

Page No.: 24 - 28


8. Lung Nodule Classification with Multi-Level Patch Based Context Analysis  

Authors: M. Lahari Priya, T. Venkata Krishna, P. N. V. Karthik, Prof. Prakash .R

Page No.: 29 - 32


9. Charactersation of Oral Cancer Lesions Using Texture Features  

Authors: Rajdeep Mitra, Dr. Menaka R

Page No.: 33 - 35


10. A Compact Metamaterial Based Circular Polarization Antenna For Wireless Applications  

Authors: Usha Kiran Kommuri, L. Radhika

Page No.: 36 - 39


11. Cloud based monitoring and analysis of EEG to assess brain based disorder using Raspberry Pi  

Authors: Ronak Rathod, Gaurav Navghare, Prof. K .Venkatasubramanian

Page No.: 40 - 42


12. Design of Multi Standard Gateway for IoT  

Authors: Sreekanth V, Prof. Bala Murugan M S

Page No.: 43 - 45


13. IoT Based Virtual Classroom  

Authors: M. Kalimuthu, N. Koti Veera Prakash, Abharam Sudharson Ponraj

Page No.: 46 - 49


14. Location Based Bank Locker Security System  

Authors: Sowndhaya.A, Jwalalakshmi.P, Abrahamsudharsonponraj

Page No.: 50 - 52


15. Multiple Sensors Approach for Collision Avoidance System in Vehicle  

Authors: Anil Kumar Reddy.K, Raghunath Reddy .M, Abraham Sudharson Ponraj

Page No.: 53 - 56


16. Smart monitoring of roads using IoT  

Authors: Srividya. N, Nivedita Konin, S. R. S. Prabaharan

Page No.: 57 - 59


17. Smart City  

Authors: Savan vyas, Mahendra Arutla, Rishikesh Ayre, Prof. Balamurugan M S

Page No.: 60 - 62


18. Improving the Interrupt latency in real time Operating system on STM32F04 Discovery kit  

Authors: Nikhil M.N, Nikhil Mattani, Prof.Prakash.V

Page No.: 63 - 64


19. Voice Based Intelligent Media Access System  

Authors: U. Ravi Kumar, Rohit Patil, C. Pradeep, R. Prakash

Page No.: 65 - 67


20. Cloud based Monitoring of Muscle fatigue using Beagle Bone Black  

Authors: Bhaskar B. Pawar, Pankaj V. Vhanale, Venkatasubraimainan K.

Page No.: 68 - 70


21. Design of Low Voltage Process-Insensitive Self-Biased OTA With Rail-to-Rail Input Range  

Authors: K. Pavan Kumar, P. Manikandan

Page No.: 71 - 74


22. Design of Cost Efficient Noise Tolerant Digital VLSI Circuits based on Probabilistic methods  

Authors: Sethupathi.B, Ravi Sankar A

Page No.: 75 - 80


23. Design and Implementation of SDR Modulator and Demodulator using Xilinx System Generator  

Authors: Jaydeep Muley, Niraj Jadhav, Augusta Sophy Beulet.P

Page No.: 81 - 84


24. Built in Self-Repair Scheme for 3D SRAM Memories  

Authors: Ashish Kumar Sharma, Dattika Keneshbhai Naik, Abhinav Sharma, Ravi V.

Page No.: 85 - 91


25. Analysis and Design of a Current Mirror Trans-conductance Switchable Op-amp for Switched-Capacitor Integrators  

Authors: S. Chandra Sekhar, S. Annaiah Durai

Page No.: 92 - 94


26. Design and Simulation of MEMS Cantilever based Capacitive Sensor  

Authors: T. Sarath, D. Chakradhar Rao, Y. G. S. S Sai Charan, Dr. S. Annaiah Durai

Page No.: 95 - 98


27. Sleepy Keeper Approach: Performance Comparison of CMOS and TFET for adder circuits  

Authors: Rajemane Abhimanyu G., Lakshmi B.

Page No.: 99 - 101


28. Current Comparison Based High Speed Domino Circuits  

Authors: Aglow A George, A Ravi Sankar

Page No.: 102 - 105


29. Investigation on High Speed Double-Tail Comparator  

Authors: Elizabath James, A.Ravi Sankar

Page No.: 106 - 109


30. Design of CMOS based ECG System for Bio-Signal Application  

Authors: Naveen Kumar Gautam, Dr. Lakshmi B.

Page No.: 110 - 112


31. Optimizing Power in FinFET Based Domino Logic Circuit  

Authors: Sanjana Sadasivan, A Ravi Sankar

Page No.: 113 - 116


32. Frequencey to digital conversion based sampled PLL  

Authors: M.Suneel

Page No.: 117 - 120


33. Performance Analysis of Soft-Multiple Symbol Differential Sphere Decoding (MSDSD) in MIMO MultiCarrier CDMA System  

Authors: Yuvaraj. R, Nithyanandan. L, Priyanka. P

Page No.: 121 - 124


34. Simulation of Influence of Crosswind Gusts on a Four Wheeler using Matlab Simulink  

Authors: Dr. V. Ganesh, K. Aswin Dhananjai, M. Raj Kumar

Page No.: 125 - 129


35. A Survey on Security Issues and Emerging Trends in Cloud Computing Security  

Authors: Mr. Vinod Kokitkar, Mr. Prashant Mithari, Mr. Hrishikesh Mogare

Page No.: 130 - 131


36. Secured Storage through Remote Data Auditing  

Authors: Keerthana S, Balasubramanian V

Page No.: 132 - 135


37. Automatic Curing System for Concrete Structures  

Authors: Neerej K.P, Abraham Sudharson Ponraj

Page No.: 136 - 139


38. Simultaneous Electricity Generation and Sea Water Desalination by a Modified microbial fuel Cell  

Authors: S. Rishi kumar, M. Praveen

Page No.: 140 - 141


39. Wearable GPS Shoe for Pedestrian Inertial Navigation  

Authors: Mohit Savner, Nitin Arun Kallole, Prof. V Ravi

Page No.: 142 - 144


40. Performance Analysis of PWM Control of Three-Phase Boost-Derived Hybrid Converter  

Authors: VNSR. Murthy, Dr. M. Venu Gopala Rao, Dr. A. Pandian

Page No.: 145 - 151


41. Review of Photo – Voltaic System Technology Tools  

Authors: Chandragiri Radha Charan, P. Sangeetha

Page No.: 152 - 154


42. Power Quality Improvement Using Compensating Type Custom Power Devices: A Review  

Authors: Omkar Pawar, P. Marshall Arockia Dass, Dr. A. Peer Fathima

Page No.: 155 - 158


43. Analysis and Design of Fly-back Micro-Inverter for PV Applications  

Authors: Vishnu Theja, V S Suresh, M V Lavanya

Page No.: 159 - 161