Conference Issue: Track 6 Ash Papers

Second National Conference on Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering (NCRISE 2017) September 16, 2017 Organized by:- " Mauli Group of Institution's College of Engineering & Technology, Shegaon. "

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Growth Mechanism, Structural Analysis and Optical Properties of CoS Thin Film  

Authors: Shubhangi Gavande

Page No.: 01 - 05



3. A One Pot Green Synthesis of 3, 4 Dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-ones Catalyzed By CuO-SnO2 Under Solvent-Free Conditions  

Authors: Priti P. Deokar, Damodar M. Ambhore, Deepak M. Nagrik

Page No.: 10 - 12


4. Structural Analysis of Chemical Bath Deposited Cadmium Sulphide Thin Film  

Authors: Shivani Gavande, Shubhangi Gavande

Page No.: 13 – 15


5. Study of Onedose Mosfet for Quality Assurance of Advance Radiotherapy Techniques  

Authors: Dr. G. A. Raut, Dr. D. S. Dhote, S. S. Deshpande

Page No.: 16 - 19


6. Comparative Performance of Platinum-Zinc and Gold-Zinc Cells for Greenelectricity  

Authors: Mr. G. S. Wajire, Dr. Y. B. Gandole

Page No.: 20 – 24



8. Mocrowave Assited Synthesis & Microbial Activities of some Pyrazoline Derivatives  

Authors: J. V. Phirke. Y. K. Meshram

Page No.: 28 – 30


9. Effect of Varying Load on Wear Characteristic of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy  

Authors: Arpit R Patil, Ketki R Patil, S T Vagge

Page No.: 31 – 35



11. Applications of Laplace Transformation in Engineering Field  

Authors: Rahul M. Jetwani, Ujjvala Y. Gawarguru, Rajshree A. Naphade, Mitali K. Tibdewal

Page No.: 39 – 41




14. The Review of Introduction to Linear Algebra & Its application in Engineering field  

Authors: Mitali K. Tibdewal, Ujjvala Y. Gawarguru, Rajashri A. Naphade, Rahul M. Jethwani

Page No.: 49 – 52


15. Synthesis and preliminary TL/OSL properties of MgB4O7:Tb3+ Phosphorfor Radiation Dosimetry  

Authors: C. B. Palan, S. K. Omanwar

Page No.: 53 – 54


16. The Review of Introduction & Application of Complex Number in Engineering  

Authors: Ujjvala Y. Gawarguru, Mitali K. Tibdewal, Rajashri A. Naphade, Rahul M. Jethwani

Page No.: 55 – 57


17. The Review of Introduction to Laplace Transform & Its Applications  

Authors: Rajashri A. Naphade, Ujjvala Y. Gawarguru, Mitali K. Tibdewal, Rahul M. Jethwani

Page No.: 58 – 61


18. Corrosive Behavior of Metal Alloy in Acidic Medium Presence of Inhibitor  

Authors: Ganesh D. Thorat, Deepak. M. Nagrik, Shrikant. S. Patil

Page No.: 62 – 66


19. Patient Specific Imaging Protocol for Optimizing Dose to Contra Lateral Breast  

Authors: Dr. S. D. Deshpande, Dr. D. S. Dhote

Page No.: 67 – 70


20. Solvent Free Green Synthesis of Amino Pyrimidines by using MgO-ZrO2 as Versatile Catalyst  

Authors: Ganesh R. Patil, Shrikant S. Patil, Deepak M. Nagrik

Page No.: 71 – 73