Conference Issue: Track 2 Entc Papers

Second National Conference on Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering (NCRISE 2017) September 16, 2017 Organized by:- " Mauli Group of Institution's College of Engineering & Technology, Shegaon. "

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication



2. Personal Pollution Exposure Monitoring using Pollution Sensors and Health Prediction

Authors: Dr. C. M. Jadhao, Prof. R. R.Ambalkar, Miss S. M. Naphade

Page No.: 09 - 13


3. RGB Ratio Based Face Detection and Skin Detection: A Review

Authors: Prof.Dr.C.M.Jadhao, Prof. S. S. Mhaske , Miss S.G.Ghormode

Page No.: 14 - 17


4. OFDM- Based Cognitive Radio Networks Spectrum Sensing and Monitoring Techniques

Authors: Dr. C. M. Jadhao, Prof. Santosh S. Mhaske, Manish A. Gawande

Page No.: 18 - 24


5. Cryptographic Key Based Information Hiding Using FPGA in AES

Authors: Sagar V. Dalal, Dr. Ms. K.N.Kasat

Page No.: 25 - 30


6. GSM Based College Security and Management

Authors: Miss.Bhagyashri G. Pardhi, Prof. Rahul R. Ambalkar, Dr. C.M. Jadhao

Page No.: 31 - 34


7. Comparing Wavelet and Shearlet Transform for MR Image and CT Image Fusion

Authors: Miss.Bhagyashri G. Pardhi, Prof. Rahul R. Ambalkar, Dr. C.M. Jadhao

Page No.: 35 - 38


8. Development of a Tool for Quantitative Evaluation to Improve Early Detecion in Breast Cancer

Authors: Nanda V. Lanjulkar, Rupali J. Nirmal, Nishant W. Labade, Santosh S. Mhaske

Page No.: 39 - 42


9. Filtering Techniques for Reduction of Baseline Drift in Electrocardiogram Signals

Authors: Mr. Nilesh M Verulkar, Miss Pallavi S. Rakhonde, Miss Shubhangi N. Warkhede, Mr. Dnyaneshwar R. Raut

Page No.: 43 - 48


10. Review Paper on Smart Note Taker

Authors: Prof. N W. Labde, Payal Mirge, Tanvi Chaudhari, Prasanna Bhonde

Page No.: 49 - 50


11. Study of the Structural Properties of Sol-Gel Deposited Zinc Oxide Thin Film

Authors: Yeul D. M, D. S. Dhote

Page No.: 51 - 53


12. Development of Canny Home security system using Telegram application

Authors: Dipali Raundale, Santosh Mhaske, Ashish Gawande, Nitish Bhawarkar

Page No.: 54 - 56


13. Smart Attendance Monitoring For Multiple Application

Authors: Prof.Amit S.Kakad, Miss.Vaishnavi A.Deshmukh, Miss.Vaishnavi P. Karale, Miss.Shradha V. Rathi

Page No.: 57 - 60


14. A Review on SWARM Intelligence of Agile Micro Aerial Vehicles

Authors: Pranali P. Chavhan, Sagar R. Deshmukh, Mr.ShaikhShoeb Shaikh Majid, Ms.BhagyashriB.Pole

Page No.: 61 - 64


15. Voice Controlled Industry Automation System using Arduino

Authors: Rahul R.Ambalkar, Nishigandha S. Unhale, Mukesh K.Kanjare

Page No.: 65 - 69


16. Feature Extraction of an Image by using Edge Detection

Authors: Priyanka S. Barapatre, Dr. C. M. Jadhao, Prof. Amit S. Kakad

Page No.: 70 - 73


17. 4G LTE: It’s Overview

Authors: M. M. Patil, Sagar R. Deshmukh, Ms. S. R. Wankhade, Ms.T.S.Kanherkar

Page No.: 74 - 78


18. A Review Paper on Smart Home Using Voice Recognition

Authors: Mr. Rahul. R. Ambalkar, Mr. Harish P. Pagrut, Ms. Shraddha S. Satputale, Ms. Dipali A. Kedar

Page No.: 79 - 82


19. Advanced Electronic Voting Machine using Internet of Things (IOT)

Authors: Shubham J. Devgirikar, Shailesh A. Deshmukh, Vaibhav P. Paithankar, N. B. Bhawarkar

Page No.: 83 - 85


20. ARDUINO Based Function Generator

Authors: Prof. D.B.Bobade, Raman D.Bobade

Page No.: 86 - 88


21. Use of ANFIS based Filters For Reduction of Noise From Biomedical Signals

Authors: R. J. Gajbe, Dr. Y. B. Gandole

Page No.: 89 - 94


22. Recognizing Authenticate Driving License Using Fingerprint With Current Indian Scenario

Authors: Prof Rahul R Ambalkar, Mr. Anil P Surduse, Ms. Swati B Bhakare

Page No.: 95 - 98


23. A Review on Optical Fiber Sensors and Their Applications

Authors: Prof. M. T. Ingle, Prof. N. W. Labade, Prof. R. R. Ambalkar

Page No.: 99 - 103


24. Finger Reader: Just move your finger

Authors: Prof. Rahul Ambalkar, Miss. Diksha BaluSardar

Page No.: 104 - 107


25. A Review on Driverless Air land Bus

Authors: Prof. Kranti S. Bhoyar, Ku. Bhagyashri G. Aochar, Ku. Sangita V. Bawaskar, Ku. Darshana R. Sarnaik

Page No.: 108 - 110


26. A Review on Detection and Rectification of Distorted Fingerprints

Authors: Sapna S. Chaudhari, Prof. Manjusha M. Patil, Dr. C. M. Jadhao

Page No.: 111 - 114


27. Multiple Satellites Launching by Single Launch Vehicle

Authors: Prof. Kranti Bhoyar, Mr. Saket Pande, Mr. Pradip Ambekar, Mr. Sanjay Bochare

Page No.: 115 - 119


28. Review Paper on Quantum Computing and Applications

Authors: Prof. Rahul R. Ambalkar, Mr. Rushabh R. Khandare

Page No.: 120 - 122


29. Feature Extraction and Person Identification using Digital Image Processing

Authors: Mr. Satish Raut, Mr. Shubham Jawalkar, Prof. Nitish Bhawarkar, Ms. Komal Khond

Page No.: 123 - 124


30. Automonitoring System for Plants using Embedded System & Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: Prof. M. T. Ingle, Sukeshni Wankhade, Komal D.Ghyare, Ujjwal Mohe

Page No.: 125 - 128


31. Digital Light Processing

Authors: Prof. Rahul R. Ambalkar, Mr. Suraj Datta Ghodge, Miss. Alka Prakash Morey

Page No.: 129 - 133


32. Modern Health Monitoring System Using IOT and Raspberry Pi

Authors: N.B. Bhawarkar, P.A. Amaale, S.R.Chourey

Page No.: 134 - 136


33. Silent Sound Technology A Gift for Dumb People

Authors: Prof. Kranti S. Bhoyar, Mayuri B. Fasale, Tejshri G. Khedkar, Anuradha S. Mali

Page No.: 137 - 139


34. Automation and Prediction in Share Market

Authors: Yogesh R. Asolakar, Prof. Amit S. Kakad

Page No.: 140 – 142