Conference Issue: Track 1 Cse Papers

Second National Conference on Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering (NCRISE 2017) September 16, 2017 Organized by:- " Mauli Group of Institution's College of Engineering & Technology, Shegaon. "

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Study on Quantum Stor Next and its application

Authors: Prof. S. R. Deshmukh, Prof. C. R. Pote

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Multi Layer Attacks on MANET

Authors: Mrs. Rinki S. Jain, Prof. S. S. Sherekar, Prof. V. M. Thakare

Page No.: 04 - 08


3. Critical Analysis of Query Processing Algorithms in Mobile Environment

Authors: Mr. Ajay P. Chendke, Dr. Mrs. S. S. Sherekar, Dr. V. M. Thakare

Page No.: 09 - 14


4. CAPTCHA Techniques: An Overview

Authors: Prakash S. Bodkhe, Dr. P. N. Mulkalwar

Page No.: 15 - 21


5. Analysis of SQL Injection Attack Detection Techniques for Web-Based Application

Authors: Aniruddha S. Holey, Prof. S. S. Sherekar, Prof. V. M. Thakare

Page No.: 22 - 26


6. Implementing Virtualization Using Cloud Computing in Digital Library

Authors: Dr. S. E. Tayde, Dr. D. T. Dongare

Page No.: 27 - 29


7. Extracting Informative Web Content Using Web Content Mining Techniques

Authors: Deven M. Kene, Dr.Pradeep K. Butey

Page No.: 30 - 33


8. Energy Efficient Performance of Routing Protocols in Mobile Networks

Authors: K.R. Patil, Dr.V. M. Patil, Dr. V.M. Thakare, Dr. Varsha Tondre

Page No.: 34 - 39


9. Raspberry Pi Controlled Single Cylinder Hydraulic

Authors: Prabodh S. Nimat, Dhiraj S. Pachpor, Parag K. Shelke

Page No.: 40 - 42


10. Internet of Things with the Perspective of Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Authors: Dr. Sumita U. Sharma

Page No.: 43 - 46


11. Defense Mechanism Techniques against Sybil Attack

Authors: Miss. Ankita S. Koleshwar, Mrs. S. S. Sherekar, Dr. V. M. Thakare

Page No.: 47 - 51


12. Smart Agriculture Using IoT

Authors: Prabodh S. Nimat, Manisha R. Sarap, Shraddha S. Dikkar, Anuradha K. Yadgire, Dhanashri N. Patil

Page No.: 52 - 54


13. Study of Social Network Analysis using Big Data and Semantic Web Technologies

Authors: Prof. Roshan M. Pote, Dr. Vilas M. Thakre, Prof. Mr. Shrikant P. Akarte

Page No.: 55 - 57


14. Tools and Techniques of Big Data Processing with Incremetnal Map Reduce

Authors: Ravikiran G. Deshmukh, Dhanshri S. Khade, Pooja G.Mankar, Mahadeo J. Pathak, Vaishali A. Kshirasagar

Page No.: 58 - 62


15. Hadoop - A solution for Big Data Processing

Authors: Ravikiran G. Deshmukh, Vaishali A. Kshirasagar, Pooja G.Mankar, Nayana G. Tale, Mahadeo J. Pathak

Page No.: 63 -66


16. A Review: Data Security in Cloud via Decentralized Access Control Technique

Authors: Ashwini .S. Kale, Niraj N. Kasliwal, Deepika A. Kadale, Vaibhav P. Sawalkar

Page No.: 67 - 71


17. Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System: An Architectural Overview

Authors: Dr. Prasanna M. Hasabnis

Page No.: 72 - 76


18. Online Voting System : A Review

Authors: Kshitij. R. Mawle, Shubham P. Chaudhari, Anirudha D. Deshpande, Shraddha P. Deshmukh, Jaya A. Jawarkar

Page No.: 77 - 80


19. Comparative Study between MLP and SVM as a Classifier for Voice Recognition

Authors: Y. M. Pharkade, Dr. G. D. Agrahari, Dr. D. S. Dhote

Page No.: 81 – 84


20. A Study of Data Transmission Algorithm for Secure Data Storage by using Cloud Computing

Authors: Ashish A. Patokar, Dr. V. M. Patil

Page No.: 85 – 87


21. Opportunities and Challenges to Implement Cloud Computing and IOT for Smart Cities in India

Authors: Dr. C. M. Jadhao, Deepavali P. Patil, Dr. D. B. Bobade

Page No.: 88 – 92