Conference Issue: Icsts Track Papers

2nd International Conference on Science & Technology for Science, Columbo, Srilanka.

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. A Cost Efficient Model for Vigilance and Control of Devices using Internet of Things (IoT) and Raspberry Pi  

Authors: Rumana Badar, Prajakta Ramteke, Prof. Kamlesh Kelwade

Page No.: 001 - 005


2. CBIR algorithm Use for Cancer Detection  

Authors: Ms.Aparna W. Bondade, Ms.Hemlata Dakhore

Page No.: 006 - 009`


3. Enhanced Web Facial Image Annotation with Image Based Data Retrieval Technique  

Authors: Ms. Shalaka S. Dixit, Ms. Antara Bhattacharya

Page No.: 010 - 014


4. Overview of Clustering High Dimensionality Data using Hubness Algorithm  

Authors: Nikita Dhamal, Antara Bhatttacharya

Page No.: 015 - 019


5. An Efficient Approach to Detect and Mitigate Denial of Service Attack  

Authors: Vishal Kale, Prof. Pravin Kulurkar

Page No.: 020 - 023


6. Identifying Web Page Complexity and Recommending Improvement  

Authors: Chaitali Domde, Ms.Hemlata Dakhore

Page No.: 024 - 026


7. Comparative Study of Routing Techniques to Trace Efficient Transfer Links in WSN  

Authors: Kavita Kalambe, Hemlata Dakhore

Page No.: 027 - 031


8. Hierarchical Fuzzy Relational Clustering Algorithm for Sentence Level Text Extraction  

Authors: Ms. Rupam Bawankule, Prof. Amit Pimpalkar

Page No.: 032 - 034


9. Security and Privacy of Navigation in VANETs  

Authors: Rupa Rani, Prof. Priyanka Fulare, Sapna Khapre

Page No.: 040 -0 43


10. Implementation of CipherXRay Technique to analyse Cryptographic Operation  

Authors: Ms. Punam Hiwase, Prof. Priyanka Fulare

Page No.: 044 - 046


11. Data Transmission with Parallel Synchronization over Wireless Network  

Authors: Ms. Shilpa Kawadkar, Prof. Priyanka Fulare

Page No.: 047 - 051


12. An Approach for Sharing Secured and Efficient Video Streaming over the Cloud  

Authors: Radha A. Mundhada, Prof. Sapna S.Khapre, Prof. Priyanka.Fulare

Page No.: 052 - 055


13. An Optimization on Key Frame Extraction in Highly Dynamic Video Scenes with Rain Pixel Recovery  

Authors: Miss. Punam P. Kansare, Prof. Ashwini Meshram

Page No.: 056 - 059


14. Real Time Data Acquisition over Cloud using Hardware Based WSN  

Authors: Poonam Thakur, Prof. Rahul M. Pethe, Prof. Sunita I. Parihar

Page No.: 060 - 064


15. Review Paper on Online Signature Verification on Touch Devices  

Authors: Ms. Nikita Thawkar, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 065 - 067


16. Wireless Sensor Network for Industrial Applications  

Authors: Rahul M. Pethe, Dr. S. M. Asutkar

Page No.: 068 - 071


17. Design and Implementation of Scene Text Detection  

Authors: Manjushree Kaware, Sapna Khapre, Priyanka Fulare

Page No.: 072 - 075


18. A Survey on GI-FI Technology  

Authors: Ms. Sonali B. Maind , Mr. Pravin V. Khawse

Page No.: 076 - 079


19. Redundancy Management and Energy Conservation of WSN using Multi-hop Routing and Intrusion Detection  

Authors: Sanghavi N. Parkhi, Hemlata Dakhore

Page No.: 080 - 084


20. Determination of Centered Meeting Location for Wireless Android Devices for Multiple Geo-Points  

Authors: Miss. Nikhita Jambhule, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 085 - 087


21. Object Tracking through Steiner tree and Sparse Model  

Authors: Mr. Anup Fender, Mr. Vikrant Chole

Page No.: 088 - 090


22. Weather Forecasting using Adaptive technique in Data Mining  

Authors: Miss. Shraddha V. Shingne, Prof. Anil D.Warbhe, Prof. Shyam Dubey

Page No.: 091 - 095


23. Assistive Clothing Recognition Tool for Color Blind People  

Authors: TK Harshini, TS Kannan, Hemlata Dakhore

Page No.: 096 - 098


24. IDEA algorithm Secure Shared Data on Cloud  

Authors: Ms.Priti Padole, Ms.Hemlata Dakhore

Page No.: 099 - 101


25. Data Security using Multi Cloud Architecture  

Authors: Prof. J. M. Patil, Ms. B. S. Sonune

Page No.: 102 - 105


26. Implementing Hybrid Index Method for Searching Dimension in Incomplete Database  

Authors: Ms. Yogita M. Kapse, Ms. Antara Bhattacharya

Page No.: 106 - 111


27. Multiple Objects Tracking and Segmentation in Real Time Video Sequence: A Review  

Authors: Swati Gavande, Prof. Shyam P Dubey, Prof.Nilesh Chaubey

Page No.: 112 - 114


28. Text and Image based Spam Email Classification using an ANN Model- an Approach  

Authors: Mr. Rahul Bansod,Prof. R. S. Mangrulkar,Prof. V. G. Bhujade

Page No.: 115 - 118


29. An Efficient Association Rule Mining among Large Dataset  

Authors: Madhusudan Dandekar, Chetan Bawankar

Page No.: 119 - 121


30. Securing Data using Hybrid Encryption Technique for Android Devices  

Authors: Ms. Manju Ahuja, Prof.Vishwajeet Bajpayee, Prof.Shyam Dube

Page No.: 122 - 125


31. Implementation paper on Novel Protocol for secure mining in Horizontally Distributed Database  

Authors: Nidhi Kumari , Prof. Sonali Bodkhe

Page No.: 126 - 129


32. Water Parameters Monitoring in Real Time Using Sensor Network and ZigBee  

Authors: Mr. Aniket. A. Kaikade , Mrs. Arachana. P. Khandait

Page No.: 133 - 137


33. A Novel Approach for Preserving Privacy in Malicious Model  

Authors: Mr.Abhishek B.Kale1, Ms.A.A.Nikose2

Page No.: 138 - 141


34. RFS-UCM: A Unified Multilevel Cache Management Policy  

Authors: Ms. Komal Thakre, Asst. Prof. Shyam Dubey,Asst. Prof. Nilesh Choubey

Page No.: 142 - 145


35. Design and Simulation of Double Precision Floating Point Adder-A Literature Review  

Authors: Sharon Bhatnagar, Soheb Munir

Page No.: 146 - 148


36. Complex Wavelet Filter Bank Algorithm for Hyperspectral Mimetite Spectral Signature –Correlation Compared  

Authors: Ms Shanti Swamy, Dr. S. M. Asutkar, Dr. G. M. Asutkar

Page No.: 149 - 151


37. Energy Utilization By Integrating Renewable Energy Sources Like Solar And Wind Power Into One Unified System  

Authors: Miss. Ketaki C. Khombare

Page No.: 152 - 154


38. Review Paper on DDR3 SDRAM Controller for High Efficiency  

Authors: Ms. Minal N. Kagdelwar, Mrs. Priti S. Lokhande

Page No.: 155 - 158


39. Design of VGA Controller Using FPGA  

Authors: Renuka A. Wasu, Vijay R. Wadhankar

Page No.: 159 - 162


40. Analysis of Wavelet Based Digital Image Steganography using Hybrid Technique in Frequency Domain  

Authors: Kirti D. Nagpal, Prof. D. S. Dabhade

Page No.: 163 - 167


41. A Review on VHDL Implementation for Adaptive Finite Impulse Response filter and its novel applications using Systolic Architecture  

Authors: Ghanshyam A. Chune, Prof.Vijay Bagdi,

Page No.: 168 - 172


42. An Energy Efficient Clustering Routing Protocol using Twice Cluster Head Selection  

Authors: Kaustubh L. Thakare, Ashish B .Jirapure, Dr. R. V. Kshirsagar

Page No.: 173 - 177


43. Mixed Signal Interface chip for Wearable Healthcare System  

Authors: Prof.ChandrakantRagit, Dr.Sanjay Badjate

Page No.: 178 - 181


44. Development of an Effective Method for Evaluation of Vocal Cord Disorders with Speech Analysis  

Authors: Mr. Satyajit A. Pangaonkar, Dr. Sanjay M. Asutkar

Page No.: 182 - 186


45. Wireless Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for Multiple Sensors  

Authors: Prof.V.G.Giripunje,Sonal R.Chakole, Prof.M.K.Demde

Page No.: 187 - 191


46. Integrating Temperature, Gas, Light Sensors for Monitoring using ARM7  

Authors: Harshal Ramtekkar, Divya Meshram

Page No.: 192 - 194


47. Domestic and commercial LED Lighting system considering low power consumtion using intellctual property.  

Authors: Sunil R. Mali, Prashant R. Rothe

Page No.: 195 - 199


48. Realization of VLSI Architecture of Defuzzifier Unit  

Authors: Ms. Roshana M. Pusdekar, Prof. Anil B. Bawaskar

Page No.: 200 - 203


49. A Review: Embedded System for Biometric Online Signature Verification  

Authors: Anjali Deshpande, Kishor Wane

Page No.: 204 - 207


50. Adoptive Approach to Avoid Vehicle Collision Warning System  

Authors: Pravin P. Ashtankar, Dr.S.S.Dorle Pramod K. Pallewad

Page No.: 208 - 212


51. Review on A Robust System For Video And Data Encryption/Decryption Based On Codeword Encoding/Decoding  

Authors: Tushar K Shinde, Dr. S.S.Shriramwar, Prof.VishalPanchbhai

Page No.: 213 - 215


52. Review on Component Based Representation Approach to Recognize Face Photo Using Composite Sketches  

Authors: Mr. Ganesh S. Pakmode Prof. Mrs. P. U. Chati

Page No.: 216 - 218


53. Cellular Sensor Networks For Home Health care: Likely and Issues  

Authors: Harana Bodele

Page No.: 219 - 221


54. A 4.0-12.0 GHz Low Power High Gain UWB LNA Using Current Reuse Technique  

Authors: Mr.Roshan R. Kakde, Prof. Ms. Pooja Thakre

Page No.: 222 - 225


55. Association Rule Mining for Large Dataset Using Map Reduce  

Authors: Rahul S. Roy

Page No.: 130 - 132


56. Detection and Extraction of Text and sign from Traffic Panel Exploitation Perceptive Rework and OCR  

Authors: Ms. Monali R. Patil, Prof. Amit Pimpalkar

Page No.: 035 - 039


57. A Survey on Anti Theft Control System  

Authors: Ms.Padmaja Adgulwar, Prof. Nilesh Chaubey, Prof.Shyam Dube

Page No.: 133 - 137


58. Keyword Based Searching on Uncertain Graph Data by Enhanced Approach  

Authors: Ashwini. V. Urade, Prof. Pravin Kulurkar,

Page No.: 138 - 141


59. Design Aids for Beams with Varing Conditions in Accordance With IS: 800-2007  

Authors: Gayatri Bhanudas Purnaye, Prof. U. R. Awari

Page No.: 142 - 146


60. Design Issue and Proposed Implementation of Communication Aid for Deaf & Dumb People  

Authors: Nakul Nagpal, Dr. Arun Mitra, Dr. Pankaj Agrawal

Page No.: 147 - 149


61. Design and FPGA Implementation of Resizable Cache Memory for Low Power Computing  

Authors: Prof. Mayuri Chawla, Dr. Sanjay Asutkar

Page No.: 150 - 152


62. An Approach to the Implementation of Web Request Interceptor to Prevent Phishing Attack  

Authors: Ms. Neha R. Israni, Mr. Anil N. Jaiswal

Page No.: 153 - 156


63. Architecture for Data Security In Multicloud Using AES-256 Encryption Algorithm  

Authors: Rashmi S. Ghavghave, Deepali M. Khatwar

Page No.: 157 - 161


64. Designing and Control of Converters used in DPFC for Mitigation of Voltage Sag and Swell In Transmission Line  

Authors: Joydeep Sutradhar, U. Venkata Reddy

Page No.: 162 - 166


65. Data Security in Cloud Computing  

Authors: Chandu Vaidya, Prashant Khobragade

Page No.: 167 - 170


66. Implementation of Outlier Detection Techniques for Imperfect Data Labels  

Authors: Ms.Priyanka Meshram, Prof. Sapna Khapre, Prof.Priyanka Fulare

Page No.: 226 - 229


67. Antimicrobial Evaluation and Comparative Study of Some 3,5 Di- Substituted Pyrazoles with Bromo Substituted Pyrazoles  

Authors: S. D Nimbalkar

Page No.: 230 - 236


68. Study of Statlstical Quantities of Turbulence with Reacting and Mixing Chemical Elements of the Type A+B?Product  

Authors: Kirti Sahu

Page No.: 237 - 250


69. Smart Water Management with Inteligent Sensing for Metropolitan City using Wireless Communication Protocol  

Authors: Prof.V.G.Giripunje, SonalR.Chakol, Mohit M.Jungare

Page No.: 251 - 257


70. An Overview on a Low Power Telemedicine System  

Authors: Prof. V.G. Girhepunje, Dr. Santosh D. Chede

Page No.: 258 - 262


71. Feasibility of Local Materials as Ingredient of Masonry Cement.  

Authors: Tushar G. Shende, Dr. S. R. Choudhari

Page No.: 263 – 267


72. Vibration Signal Based Machine Fault Diagnosis through Statistical Approach to Frequency Domain Analysis  

Authors: Sanjay Asati, Dr. P. M. Bapat

Page No.: 268 - 273


73. Tumor detection with EEG Signals using Wavelet Transform  

Authors: Ass. Prof. Nitin Ambatkar, Mr. Ankush A Surkar

Page No.: 274 - 278