Conference Issue: Icstsd 2016 Track Papers

3rd International Conference on Science & Technology for Sustainable Development (ICSTSD - 2016) Organized by:- " JHULELAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY IN ASSOCIATION WITH INSTITUTE OF ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY (ITMA), UNIVERSITY PUTRA MALAYSIA, (UPM)"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. New Approach to Universal Active Power Filter for Harmonics Elimination  

Authors: Lavleen Dhalla, Sandeep S. Mahajan

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. Smart Grids to improve Power Scenario of Transmission & Distribution Sectors in India  

Authors: P. P. Mawle, Dr. Gunwant A. Dhomane, Dr. P.G.Burade

Page No.: 05 - 20


3. Certificate Revocation Management and Detection of Attacks in VANET  

Authors: Vaishnavi Ganesh

Page No.: 21 - 24


4. To Optimize XML Query Processing using Compression Technique  

Authors: Lalita Dhekwar, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 25 - 29


5. Efficient approach for Detection of Outlier using Hybrid Algorithm  

Authors: Ms. Kanchan D. Shastrakar, Prof. Pravin G. Kulurkar

Page No.: 30 - 33


6. Top-K Rules Method for Improving Text Summarization  

Authors: Ms. Priya J. Patel, Prof. Pravin G. Kulurkar

Page No.: 34 - 38


7. Frequent pattern Mining Implementation on Social network for Business Intelligence  

Authors: Ujwala Mhashakhetri, Dr. Rahila sheikh

Page No.: 39 - 42


8. Development of Fuzzy Rule Based Secure and Reliable Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Network  

Authors: Mr.Vijaykumar Anandprakash Dixit, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 43 - 47


9. Privacy-Preserving Optimal Meeting Location Determination on Mobile Devices  

Authors: Samta M. jain

Page No.: 48 - 51


10. Secure Data in Low Power Cluster Based WSN Using Bioinspired Routing  

Authors: Ms. Dipawali Nerkar, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 52 - 58


11. Efficient Techniques for Privacy-Preserving Sharing of Sensitive Information for larger data  

Authors: Asma Khanam, Prof. Shyam P. Dubey

Page No.: 59 - 61


12. Improving Bulk Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Network Based on Centralized Multichannel Approach  

Authors: Anjali V. Bhatkar, Prof. Subhangi Borkar, Vikram S. Vairagade

Page No.: 62 - 66


13. Handling Gradual Concept Drift in Stream Data  

Authors: Ms. Priyanka B. Dongre

Page No.: 67 - 70


14. Driving Pattern Recognition Using Dataset  

Authors: Pooja Pathane, Prof. Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 71 - 72


15. Association Rule Mining Algorithm Using Big Data Analysis  

Authors: Snehal Ramteke

Page No.: 73 - 75


16. Supply Chain Management ERP Solution  

Authors: Ms. Sangita Wasnik, Prof.Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 76 - 81


17. Handoff Algorithm for Hetrogenious Networks  

Authors: Mr. Prajwalsingh C. Parihar, Ms. S.R. Waghmare

Page No.: 82 - 85


18. Detection of Network Attacks Using Big Data Analysis  

Authors: Sonal Ashok Hajare

Page No.: 86 - 88


19. By Applying Data Minning Technique for Taking Quick Decision in Educational Domain  

Authors: Shabina Kausar, Prof. Kalpana Malpe

Page No.: 89 - 92


20. A System to Detect Drowsiness of a Driver while Driving a Vehicle  

Authors: Prof. Sadia Patka, Sana Ansari, Hussain Munaim, Arshad Rangoonwala, Abdul Rahman

Page No.: 93 - 96


21. Multiphase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive - A Comparative Study  

Authors: Rohan M. Ingle, Dr. S. B. Bodkhe, Vinod Kamale, Prasanna Titarmare

Page No.: 97 - 103


22. Efficient Way to Predict Difficult Keyword Query  

Authors: Sneha Choudhari, Prof. Nitin Janwe

Page No.: 104 - 107


23. Technique to Observe Disease by Enumerate Erythrocyte from Blood Samples Using Digital image Processing  

Authors: Kiran Tiwari, Prof. Mrs. Pooja Thakre

Page No.: 108 - 112


24. VHDL Based Bridge Interface Performance of Reduced Power Open Core Protocol  

Authors: Vinay Dhok, Prof. Mrs. Pooja Thakre

Page No.: 113 - 117


25. A Novel Approach to Detect the Movements of Target in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Miss. Komal Bharambe, Mr. Kanchan Bhagat, Dr. Pramod B. Patil

Page No.: 118 - 120


26. Design of Smart Fuel Tank for Automobiles  

Authors: Suresh Gohane, Pranjali Jumle, Jayshree Dhore

Page No.: 121 - 124


27. Selective Fire Extinguishing  

Authors: Mayuresh S. Parkhi, Usha Verma

Page No.: 125 - 128


28. Improving Iris Recognition Performance using Acquisition, Segmentation and Filter  

Authors: Miss. Priti V. Dable, Prof. P .R. Lakhe, Mr. S. S. Kemekar

Page No.: 129 - 131


29. Development of Multiplier & Divider Architecture for Convolution and Deconvolution Algorithm Based on Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics  

Authors: Miss Meenal V.Radke, Mr. Shrikant S. Chamlate

Page No.: 132 - 134


30. Design and Analysis of Type-2 Fuzzy PID Controller Using Genetic Algorithm  

Authors: Mr. Darshan V.Bhoyar, Prof. Bhawna J. Chilke, Mr.Shailesh S. Kemekar

Page No.: 135 - 138


31. Handwritten Pattern Recognition Using Spiking Neural Network & SVM  

Authors: Ms. Minal V. Thote, Prof. Ms. B. J. Chilke, Mr. S. B. Pawar

Page No.: 139 - 142


32. Design of Efficient Femtocell using LZMA Data Compression Technique  

Authors: Mr. Virendra Uppalwar, Prof. Shailesh Sakhare, Mr. Akshay Nanote

Page No.: 143 - 145


33. Design of Transmitter & Receiver of UART in VHDL  

Authors: Miss. M. A. Choudhari, Mr. S. B. Pawar, Prof. S. M. Sakhare

Page No.: 146 - 149


34. Power Generation Using Magnetic Levitation Windmill  

Authors: Prof. Yogesh Gaidhane, Prof. Atul Borkar, Prof. Pranay Bhaskar

Page No.: 150 - 152


35. Linking of Global Energy Balance to Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Zeba Sheikh, Prof. M. Nasiruddin

Page No.: 153 - 157


36. Improved Coverage In Wireless Sensors Using Geometric Programming Techniquese  

Authors: Mr. Shravankumar M. Mamidwar, Prof. D.P.Lekariya

Page No.: 158 - 161


37. FPGA Implementation of MAC Unit Design by Using Vedic Multiplier  

Authors: Syed Nighat, Prof. M. Nasiruddin

Page No.: 162 - 168


38. Synchronization for OFDM System using 802.16 Standard  

Authors: Priyanka G. Kanaskar, Prof. S.Ganar

Page No.: 169 - 172


39. Detection of Malaria Parasite in Thin Blood Smears by using Artificial Neural Network  

Authors: Anil N. Rakhonde, Dr. Pramod. B. Patil

Page No.: 173 - 176


40. Design Approach of Distributed Uplink Power Control Algorithm for Multicell Cognitive Radio Network  

Authors: Mr Rohit P. Hande, Mr Sumit R.Vaidya, Mr Sandeep B.Pawar

Page No.: 177 - 180


41. Data Encoding Schemes for Reducing Power Consumption in Network on Chip  

Authors: Nikita S Dahake, Radhika RHarne

Page No.: 181 - 184


42. Architecture for Matching of Data Encoded with Hard Systematic Error Correcting Code using FPGA for Low Complexity and Low Latency  

Authors: Priyanka A. Wathodkar, Radhika R. Harne

Page No.: 185 - 187


43. Image Denoising Using Weighting Approach  

Authors: Kapil S Chavan, Prashant L Paikrao

Page No.: 188 - 191


44. Analysis of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Other Topologies  

Authors: Mr. M. V. Kurwale, Mr. V. R. Doifode, Ms. S. V. More

Page No.: 192 - 195


45. Speed Control Technique through Serial Port  

Authors: Ms. Priya D. Duggal, Ms. P. A. Meshram, Mr. N. S. Maurya, Ms. Ashwani Rewatkar

Page No.: 196 - 198


46. Modeling and Simulation of SPWM VSI Fed Induction Motor  

Authors: Nishatai U. Badole, Mrs. S. N. Agrawal

Page No.: 199 - 202


47. Analysis and Comparison of Bridgeless LUO Converter and Bridgeless buck-Boost Converter  

Authors: Jayeshri T.Badole, Dr.(Mrs.) S.P. Muley, Mr. Rahul Adle

Page No.: 203 - 207


48. Voltage based Power Quality Improvement by DVR in Distribution System  

Authors: D.N. Katole, Dr. M. B. Daigavane

Page No.: 208 - 212


49. Comparative Analysis of Stepper Motor Drivers  

Authors: Mr. Chetan.R.Bhale, Ms. Palak.G.Sharma, Mr. Sagar.M.Lanjewar, Mr. Hemant Thakre

Page No.: 213 - 218


50. Single Phase Transformer less Grid Connected PV Inverter: A Review  

Authors: Carmaline Joel Anthony, S.Gotekar, S. P. Muley

Page No.: 219 - 225


51. X-10 Based Power Line Carrier Communication  

Authors: Ayush Bele, Mayank Dandhare, Sachin Nandanwar

Page No.: 226 - 228


52. Line Loss Minimization in Distribution System by DSTATCOM  

Authors: Rahul U. Ghanmare, Anushree Helonde, Ashwini Dhete, Yogeshwari Bansod, Vyankatesh Deshmukh

Page No.: 229 - 232


53. Implementation of Firing Scheme for Multilevel Inverter and its Hardware Implementation  

Authors: Sarika D Patil, Surbhi Patil

Page No.: 233 - 237


54. Review Paper on Design and Implementation of FFT Processor Using Memory Based Pipelined Architecture  

Authors: Madhavi Naktode, Priti S. Chimankar

Page No.: 238 - 240


55. Capturing User Intention for Efficient Image Retrieval  

Authors: Pooja S. Junonkar

Page No.: 241 - 243


56. A Survey on Online Voting System  

Authors: Prof. Jagdish B. Chakole, Prof. Samir Ajani

Page No.: 244 - 246


57. Application of Fuzzy Logic to Real Time Systems for Task Scheduling  

Authors: Shyamal G. Mundada

Page No.: 247 - 250


58. Implementation of Wireless Nodes for Energy Efficient Coverage and Connectivity In Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Zeenat Farzana, Prof. S. R. Ganar

Page No.: 251 - 258


59. Improved Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless Network  

Authors: Prashant G. Bangade, Prof. Pragati Kene

Page No.: 259 - 261


60. Verification Strategy for 8-bit Processor  

Authors: P. V. Bhandarkar, Dr. S. S. Limaye

Page No.: 262 - 264


61. Improving Channel Selection for Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio  

Authors: Fiza Firdaus, Dr. Pankaj Agrawal

Page No.: 265 - 269


62. GSM Based Automatic Water Quality & Measurement Reporting System  

Authors: Samiha khan, Prof. M. T. Hasan

Page No.: 270 – 273


63. FPGA Implementation of Reconfigurable Digital FIR Filter  

Authors: Pradnya D. Shahare, Samrat S. Thorat

Page No.: 274 – 279


64. Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis Using Wireless Sensor Node  

Authors: Afrah Mohammad, Prof. M. T. hasan

Page No.: 280 – 283


65. Review on: Performance Optimization of CSLA using HCA  

Authors: Mr. Ashish V. Ughade, Prof. Rajal H. Deshmukh, Mr. Akshay P. Nanote

Page No.: 284 – 285


66. Aerial Robot for Blind Navigation in Populated and Unknown Area  

Authors: Samiya Khan, Prof. M. Naseeruddin

Page No.: 286 – 288


67. Compression and Denoising of Speech Signal Using Cellular Automata Concept  

Authors: Sharmeen Saba, Prof. A. S. Khan

Page No.: 289 – 293


68. Video Steganography Encoding H.264/AVC Video Streams By Codeword Substitution  

Authors: Shirin Khan, Prof. M. T. Hasan

Page No.: 294 – 301


69. FPGA Based Localization and Recognition of License Plate Number  

Authors: Sheetal Israni, Swapnil Jain

Page No.: 302 – 305


70. Design of Reed Solomon Encoder and Decoder  

Authors: Shital M. Mahajan, Piyush M. Dhande

Page No.: 306 – 310


71. Haralick Parameters for Texture feature Extraction  

Authors: Ms. Ashwini Raut, Mr.Saket J. Panchbhai, Ms. Ketki S. Palsodkar, Ms. Ankita C. Kawadkar, Ms. Tarannum Pathan

Page No.: 311 – 315


72. Voltage Stability Enhancement of Power System using STATCOM and SSSC  

Authors: C. S. Hiwarkar, Dr. P. G. Burade

Page No.: 316 – 320


73. Productivity Improvement by Quality circle: A Case of Foundry.  

Authors: Amar Kawale, Safal Shambharkar, Chetan Choudhary

Page No.: 321 – 330


74. Analysis of Single Point Cutting Tool Using ANSYS  

Authors: Mr. Safal A. Shambharkar, Mr. Amar. W. Kawale, Mr. Chetan J. Choudhari

Page No.: 331 – 338


75. A Review Paper on Design and Analysis of Movable Heat Shield for Bending Furnace  

Authors: Mr. Ramesh D. Bokde, Mr. Vaibhav H. Bankar, Mr. Pratik P. Chaphale

Page No.: 339 – 343


76. A review on Design & Analysis and remodification pinion in gear drive used in paper mill dryer  

Authors: Mr. Prafulla M. Gaikwad, Mr. Vaibhav H. Bankar, Mr. Pratik P. Chaphale

Page No.: 344 – 348


77. A Review on Design and Thermal Analysis of Rotary Kiln for Lime Production  

Authors: Mr. Saranjit Singh Riar, Mr. Vaibhav H. Bankar, Mr. Pratik P. Chaphale

Page No.: 349 – 353


78. Optimisation of R-1040 Engine Assembly Line Using Tps Techniques and Simulation  

Authors: V. N. Borikar, A. S. Deshmukh, S. M. Choudhary, T. R. Jawanjal, S. A. Bobde

Page No.: 354 – 357


79. Condition Monitoring Program: A Need to Improve Performance of Machineries  

Authors: Skumar S. Kumbhalkar, Amol S. Chaudhary

Page No.: 358 – 362


80. A Review on Design and Development of Rolling Machine In Production  

Authors: Mr. Chetan Devidas Punwatkar, Mr. Vaibhav Bankar

Page No.: 363 – 365


81. Manufacturing of Paper Corrugated Packing Boxes  

Authors: Sanjay. T. Bhugaonkar, Vaibhav. H. Bankar

Page No.: 366 – 369


82. Use of Genetic Algorithm for designing a Composite Drive Shaft  

Authors: Mr. Chetan J. Choudhari, Mr. Amar. W. Kawale, Mr. Safal A. Shambharkar

Page No.: 370 – 376


83. Study of Reverse Osmosis Process of Distillery Industry for Zero Liquid Discharge- A Case Study at SSK Plant, Nandurbar, Maharashtra  

Authors: Mr. Padmanabh A. Gadge, Dr. A. C. Waghmare, Dr. R. D. Askhedkar

Page No.: 377 – 380


84. Comparative Study of Lane Detection Techniques  

Authors: Pallavi V. Ingale, Prof. K. S. Bhagat

Page No.: 381 – 390


85. Collaborative Approch and Design of Traffic Pattern Discovery System in Mobile Ad Hoc Network  

Authors: Ayesha Khan, Prof. Ajay Karare

Page No.: 391 – 395


86. Comparative study of Different Image Segmentation Techniques applied on Outdoor Scene Images  

Authors: Purnashti A. Bhosale, Yogesh M. Motey, Umesh Akare, Sheetal Meshram

Page No.: 396 – 398


87. 1 V, 45 NM CMOS Novel Successive Approximation ADC With UP DOWN and RING Counter as SAR Logic  

Authors: Prof. Chandrakant S. Ragit, Dr. Sanjay Badjate

Page No.: 399 – 403


88. Collaborative Approch for Supporting Privacy Protection in Personilized Web Search  

Authors: Mangala P. There, Prof. Niitin Janwe

Page No.: 404 - 407


89. Application of Supercapacitor in Ride through Condition  

Authors: Mr. Ankush A. Deosant, Mr. L. M. Bopche, Mr. S. V. Pande, Mr. M. Ahamad

Page No.: 408 - 410


90. Optimisation of R-1040 Engine Assembly Line using TPS Techniques and Simulation  

Authors: V. N. Borikar, A. S. Deshmukh, S. M. Choudhary, T. R. Jawanjal, S. A. Bobde

Page No.: 411 – 415


91. Collaborative Approch for Supporting Privacy Protection in Personilized Web Search  

Authors: Meena Fule, Prof. Niitin Janwe

Page No.: 416 – 417


92. Effective Approch for Sybil Attack Detection in Mobile Adhoc Networks  

Authors: Ms. Pragya G Katariya, Asst.Prof. R. K. Krishna

Page No.: 418 – 421


93. A Reporting Engine & Application for the Electricity Board  

Authors: Shweta A. Mohabe

Page No.: 422 – 424


94. Advanced Mechanism for Improving Data Distribution in Delay Tolerant Mobile Network  

Authors: Vishal Dhote, Ajay Karare

Page No.: 425 – 428


95. Automatic banana hands bunches measuring & recording Systems  

Authors: Mr. G. A. Thakur, Mr. A. D. Vishwakarma, Dr. K. P. Rane

Page No.: 429 – 433


96. Automatic Medicine Reminder with RTC Interface through Mobile & WHATSAPP  

Authors: Nitesh P. Sonawane, Vijay D. Chaudhari, Dr. K. P. Rane

Page No.: 434 – 437


97. WhatsApp based Automatic Embedded Attendance System  

Authors: Miss. Ashwini C. Ingle, Mr. Ishwar S. Jadhav, Dr. K. P. Rane (H.O.D)

Page No.: 438 – 441


98. Fingerprint Recognition with Monitoring on Remote Whats App  

Authors: Shraddha Pramod Nikumbh, Vijay D. Chaudhari, Dr. K. P. Rane

Page No.: 442 – 445


99. Cloud Based Weather Monitoring System  

Authors: Miss. Madhuri Prakash Patil, Mr. K P Rane

Page No.: 446 – 450


100. Real Time ECG Parameter Identification and Monitoring  

Authors: Miss Amrita Singh, Mr. A D Vishwakarma

Page No.: 451 - 455


101. Video Colorization  

Authors: Priya Nagdev, Ruchi Agrawal, Suchita Rathi, Prof. Purshottam J. Assudani

Page No.: 456 - 459


102. A Review on Design & Analysis and Remodification Pinion in Gear Drive used in Paper Mill Dryer  

Authors: Mr. Prafulla M.Gaikwad, Mr.Vaibhav H. Bankar, Mr.Pratik P. Chaphale

Page No.: 460 - 465


103. Study of Diverging-Converging Nozzle based on Explicit Mac Cormack’s Method  

Authors: Roshan Rangarajan, Prof. Nitin Thakare, Prof. Nikhil Ingle

Page No.: 466 - 469


104. Study of Ground Water Quality  

Authors: M. D. Pidurkar, R.S. Bute, Y. D. Chintanwar, R.H. Mohankar

Page No.: 470 - 474