Conference Issue: Icrtest 2017 Track Papers

International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering Science and Technology (ICRTEST 2017) 21 - 22 January, 2017, Organized by:- " Suresh Deshmukh College of Engineering Selukate Wardha 442001"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Survey on Monitoring of GPS and GSM Tracking System Using Google Map  

Authors: Poonam V. Wankhade, Priyank N. Bhende, Bhagirathi Prabhala

Page No.: 01 - 05


2. Analysis of Hybrid Eco Friendly Auto Rail Control through Renewable Sources  

Authors: Kalpak Karemore, Shubham Vairagade, Nishkarsh Giradkar, Mrs. Manisha Sabley

Page No.: 06 - 08


3. To Carry Out Energy Audit at Manufacturing Plant and Come Up With the Recommendation to Reduce the Cost of Energy  

Authors: Sanket Laxmanro Menghare, Prof. D. B. Meshram

Page No.: 09 - 16


4. Raspberry Pi Based Security System on IoT Platform  

Authors: Sneha S. Mane, Girish R. Talmale

Page No.: 17 - 20


5. A Real Time Water Quality Monitoring System: A Review  

Authors: Ms. Shital Palwe, Prof. J.D. Bhosale, Mr. Dharmesh Dhabliya

Page No.: 21 - 25


6. Survey on Search Engine Optimization Techniques  

Authors: Mr. Nikhil L. Surkar, Prof. D. M. Sable

Page No.: 26 - 30


7. Coin Based Mobile Charger with Solar tracking System on IoT  

Authors: Apoorva Kharwade, M. S. Gajbhiye

Page No.: 31 - 34


8. Data retrieving of composition databases by Content Aggregation  

Authors: Mangesh S. Khode, Mr. Vikash Kumar

Page No.: 35 - 45


9. An Approach for Data Security on Multi Cloud System  

Authors: Anuradha Gaikwad, Prof. Vijay Bagdi

Page No.: 46 - 49


10. Location Retrieval and Meeting Location Determination based on User Privacy  

Authors: Dipali D. Kosare , Mr. Vikash Kumar

Page No.: 50 - 56


11. Improving Security of Cloud Using Inter cloud Identity Management Protocol  

Authors: Ms. Snehal Gaikwad, Prof. Pragati Patil Bedekar

Page No.: 57 - 61


12. A Review on Data Discovery and Dissemination protocol in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Ms. Mehrunnisa Nadeem, Mrs. Pragati Patil Bedekar

Page No.: 62 - 64


13. A New Cloud Based Solution for Online Retail Management System  

Authors: Prof. R. R. Yadav, Mr. Ambarish N. Kulkarni, Miss. Surabhi G. Lohiya

Page No.: 65 - 68


14. Dynamic Query form for Database  

Authors: Prof. R. R. Yadav, Miss. Sarika S. Joshi, Miss. Kalyani L. Jaiswal

Page No.: 69 - 71


15. An Overview about Mobile Ad-hoc Network  

Authors: Lekha D. Shah, Shraddha S. Dalve, Shital K. Bhise, Kajal V. Nimsatkar, Aboli A. Raut

Page No.: 72 - 76


16. Hybrid Approach for Recovery of Node Failure in Wireless Sensor Actor Network  

Authors: Neha Pandey, Pragati Patil

Page No.: 77 - 84


17. Text Classification Algorithms: A Review  

Authors: Likhita Mate, Priyanka Dudhe

Page No.: 85 - 89


18. Study on Different Image Fusion Techniques  

Authors: Miss. Yashashri Katole, Prof. D. M. Sable

Page No.: 90 - 94


19. Software Defined Networking  

Authors: Yogesh Jadhav, Shubhangi Shinde, Shubhangi Singh, Mansa Gontimukulwar, Mahesh Sorte

Page No.: 95 - 100


20. Architecture & Issues in Delay Tolerant Network’S (DTNs) Security  

Authors: Mr. Anand L. Mothghare

Page No.: 101 – 103


21. To study the Awareness level of New Born Screening amongst Health Care Professionals in India with specific reference to Nagpur City  

Authors: Dr. G. F. Surya

Page No.: 104 - 109


22. A Review on Video Search Engine Ranking Techniques  

Authors: Ms. Swati H. Bele, Dr. Anjali B. Raut

Page No.: 110 - 113


23. Text Clustering and Classification: A Review  

Authors: Mr. Prashant G. Ghulaxe, Dr. Anjali B. Raut

Page No.: 114 - 117


24. Development of Automated system for Measurement and Analysis  

Authors: Sandeep M. Ghuge ,V. K. Barbudhe

Page No.: 118 - 123


25. A Progressive Report on Performance Improvement on LEACH Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Miss. Jayashri W. Polkade, Prof. H.M.Baradkar

Page No.: 124 - 128


26. Development of an Efficient Algorithm for dissolve using Discrete Cosine Transform  

Authors: Apurva R. Rajankar, Salim Chavan, Pankaj Pandit

Page No.: 129 - 135


27. Management of Energy In Stand-Alone based Solar PV System  

Authors: Prachi A. Nandekar

Page No.: 136 - 138


28. Parallel Computation of Advance Encryption Standard Algorithm for Performance Improvement  

Authors: Vishal H. Sathawane, Tausif Diwan

Page No.: 139 - 142


29. Effect of Information Dissemination Parameters on VANET using Swarm Intelligence  

Authors: Nilesh Mahure, Ashwin Didolkar

Page No.: 143 - 147


30. Vedic Mathematics Sutras -A Review  

Authors: Sayali Shembalkar, Samiksha Dhole, Tirupati Yadav, Prasheel Thakre

Page No.: 148 - 155


31. A Review on insider Collusion Attack on Text, Video and Image File using Privacy-Preserving Kernel based System  

Authors: Nilima V. kayarkar

Page No.: 156 - 158


32. Advanced Secured Internet Services by Continuous and Transparent User ID Verification  

Authors: Amit Sontakey, Sunil Yadav, Sonali Deshmukh, Pushpa Tandekar

Page No.: 159 - 163


33. Structural Properties of Cadmium Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Method  

Authors: Syed Ghause Ibrahim, Ashish. V. Kadu

Page No.: 164 - 166


34. E-School Android Application  

Authors: Prof. Kaustubh S. Satpute, Urvashi A. Kohpare, Abhilasha D. Awachat, Suchita L. Raut

Page No.: 167 - 170


35. Implementation Ids for Web Security Mechanism against Injection and Multiple Attacks  

Authors: Ms. Anupriya Mishra, Ms.Megha Bhalkar, Ms.Priyanka Mahakalkar

Page No.: 171 - 175


36. M-Learning – A Natural Extension of E-Learning  

Authors: Shital C. Patil, Prof. R. R. Keole

Page No.: 176 - 179


37. Under Publication Process  

Authors: Author 1, Author 2

Page No.: 180 - 187


38. A Ciphertext Policy through Deniable Attribute Based Encryption for Cloud Storage  

Authors: Shrawan Kumar Purve, Abhijeet Katkar, Swapnil Kamble, Sukeshani Bhagat, Monali Modankar

Page No.: 188 - 193


39. Effective Transmission of Data through Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler for Group Communication  

Authors: Lovelesh Yadav, Samrat Dhengle, Shubham Sharma, Snehal Madavi, Anajali Gondane

Page No.: 194 - 198


40. Formation of Clusters with K – Means Algorithm Using Tumor Classification  

Authors: Bhagyashree Rajgire, Prerana P. Khobragade, Bharti K.Haygune, Gauri A. Dhoke

Page No.: 199 - 201


41. Network Security Mechanism in IOT Based on Software Defined Networking  

Authors: Amit Sontakey

Page No.: 202 - 206


42. Reducing Routing Distraction in IP Networks using Cross-Layer Methodology  

Authors: Prof. Mr. Vijay M. Rakhade, Mr.Roshan B.Nannaware, Ms. Shafika S. Shaikh, Ms. Pinki G. Lihitkar, Ms. Zeba N. Sheikh

Page No.: 207 - 210


43. Review of a 2D embedded QRcode System  

Authors: Miss. Pratiksha N. Dandale, Mr. Prasad D .Pande, Prof. Akhil D. Gotmare

Page No.: 211 - 213


44. Maximum Power Point Tracking using Fuzzy Logic Control for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System & Operation of PV Cells under Partial Shading Conditions  

Authors: Subhash E. Apatekar, Akireddy Shravankumar, Ch. Anitha

Page No.: 214 - 221


45. Survey on Big Data Information Security: The Current Security challenges by Big Data and Current Information Security Protection Method of Big Data.  

Authors: Rahul Shahane

Page No.: 222 - 225


46. Reranking of Search Results Using Content and Usage Mining  

Authors: Ms. Shital C. Patil, Prof. Roshani Ali

Page No.: 226 - 230


47. Review on Security Methods for Secure Data Browsing  

Authors: Ms. Komal Aher, Ms. Kalpana Lamsoge, Mr. Abhishek Dahake, Asst. Prof. K V. Warkar

Page No.: 231 - 233


48. Multibiometrics For Avoiding Masquerading Identity And Alteration  

Authors: Prof. Pranjali B. Ulhe

Page No.: 234 - 237


49. A Review on Web Based Image Searching and Reranking using Siliencing Techniques  

Authors: Mayuri H. Kawalkar

Page No.: 238 - 240


50. Detection and Visualization of Events from Online News  

Authors: Swapnil Khatdeo, Sanskruti Shrawane, Pranjali Kumbhare, Prof. M.S. Nimbarte

Page No.: 241 - 244


51. Adaptively Controlling STATCOM’s PI Controller  

Authors: Nitin G. Bobade, CH. Mall Reddy

Page No.: 245 - 251


52. Huffman Encoding Technique in Image Compression  

Authors: K. N. Satone

Page No.: 252 - 255


53. Solar Powered Coin based Mobile Charger using RFID for Public Usage  

Authors: S. B. Chopade, R. F. Pathann N. D. Ramgade, S. Nagpure, K. Mhaiskar

Page No.: 256 - 257


54. A Review: Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Android Application  

Authors: Rutuja Kadu, Reshma Garghate, Nikhil Jampalwar, Mandar Pathak

Page No.: 258 - 259


55. A Location and Diversity Notification System for Mobile Users(Design)  

Authors: Shital Bajare, Smita Khobragade, Sheetal Umare, Prof. Ashish P. Nanotkar

Page No.: 260 - 263


56. Synthesis and Characterization of Conducting Polymer  

Authors: Dr. Deepak A. zatale, Dr. Ajay R. Chawale, Dr. Samir M. Bagade, Dr. Raju Belekar

Page No.: 264 - 267


57. Applicability of Relations Due to Auerbach and J.D. Pandey  

Authors: Dr. Ajay R. Chaware, Dr. Samir M. Bagade, Dr. Deepak A. Zatale

Page No.: 268 - 270


58. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanofluid for Industrial application  

Authors: Samir Bagade, Deepak Zatale, Ajay Chaware

Page No.: 271 - 272


59. Bug Triage with Bug Data Reduction  

Authors: Mrunal V. Wankhede, Samiksha P. Mahakalkar, Shrutika P. Ingole, Snehal V. Alone

Page No.: 273 - 275


60. Review of Chopper use with SVPWM in Implementation of Four Quadrant DC Drive  

Authors: Pragati S. Dhanke, Nikhil A. Wanjari

Page No.: 276 - 280


61. Study on Java Language  

Authors: Sayalee W. Sangle

Page No.: 281 - 284


62. Review Paper on a Dynamic Performance of Variable-Speed Drives with Modular Multilevel Converter  

Authors: Miss. Trirashmi S. Gudhe, Mr. K. N. Sawalakhe

Page No.: 285 - 287


63. Review Paper on a Quasi-Z-Source Direct Matrix Converter  

Authors: Miss. Mona Mahajan, Mr. Nikhil Wanjari

Page No.: 288 - 290


64. Design of 32-bit MAC Unit for complex Numbers in VHDL  

Authors: Prof. R. H. Deshmukh,

Page No.: 291 - 294


65. Water Quality and Wastewater Analysis of a Technical Institute Building  

Authors: Praful R. Khobragade

Page No.: 295 - 298


66. Review on Fast and Secure Transmission of Image in Network Security  

Authors: Ms. Apurva P. Waghmare , Mr. S. S. Kemekar, Prof. P. R. Lakhe

Page No.: 299 - 301


67. Review on a Novel Efficient Graph Based Model for Content Based Image Retrieval  

Authors: Mr. Parag V. Yelore, Mr. S. S. Kemekar, Prof. P. R. Lakhe

Page No.: 302 - 305


68. A Review on Energy Efficiency and Jitter in Multichannel Cognitive Radios with Link Maintenance  

Authors: Miss Sapana E. Lohabare, Mr SumitR.Vaidya, Mr P. D.Bhirange

Page No.: 306 - 309


69. Review on a Hash-list Based Server Architecture for Speed Optimization on FPGA  

Authors: Ms. Shifali R. Pande, Prof. R. H. Deshmukh

Page No.: 310 - 313


70. A Review of Approaches for Estimation Chlorophyll and Nitrogen Contents Of Leaves Using Image Processing Technique  

Authors: Shradha Sahurkar, Prof. B. J. Chilke, Prof. P. D. Bhirange

Page No.: 314 - 317


71. Semiconducting properties of Terpolymer derived from p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde, Adipic acid and Ethylene Glycol  

Authors: Amit N. Gupta, N. T. Khaty, Vinay V. Hiwase, Ashok B. Kalambe

Page No.: 318 - 320


72. Synthesis and Structural study of the Terpolymer derived from p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde, Adipic acid and Ethylene Glycol  

Authors: Amit N. Gupta, N. T. Khaty, Vinay V. Hiwase, Ashok B. Kalambe

Page No.: 321 - 325


73. Morphological Background Detection and Images Enhancement with Object Recognition  

Authors: Mr. Aniket V. Bhoyar

Page No.: 326 - 332


74. Leaf Disease Detection Using Image Processing  

Authors: Miss. Amruta Ambatkar, Miss. AshwiniBhandekar, Miss. Avanti Tawale, Miss. Chetna Vairagade, Miss. Ketaki Kotamkar, Prof. S.R.Vaidya

Page No.: 333 - 336


75. A Review on: GSM Based Electricity Theft Detection System  

Authors: Chaitali P. Bidkar, Pallavi R. Devale, Pooja D. Gawali, Mayuri M. Bhond, Roshan S. Bawane

Page No.: 337 - 339


76. Design Approach of Distributed Uplink Power Control Algorithm for Multicell Cognitive Radio Network  

Authors: Mr. SumitR.Vaidya, Mr. Rohit P. Hande

Page No.: 340 - 343


77. Review on Advance Prepayment Energy Meter using GSM Technology with Alert System  

Authors: Mr. Mukesh P. Daulatkar, Mr. Ganesh T. Kute, Mrs.Manju R. Bageshwar, Mrs. Ashwini S. Atkare, Prof. Pravin R. Lakhe

Page No.: 344 - 346


78. IoT based Intelligent Home Appliances System  

Authors: Prof. M Khumed. K Khatib, Prof. Switi Kewatkar

Page No.: 347 - 349


79. Detection and Plotting Real Time Brain Waves  

Authors: Prof. M. M. PAL

Page No.: 350 - 354


80. Multibiometrics For Avoiding Masquerading Identity And Alteration  

Authors: Prof. Pranjali B. Ulhe

Page No.: 355 - 358


81. An Introduction and Overview of the Trend of Bioinformatics Technology  

Authors: Prof. Pravin R. Lakhe

Page No.: 359-360


82. Comparative Analysis of Building by Response Spectrum Method and Seismic Coefficient Method  

Authors: Mr. Chetan A. Timande

Page No.: 361 - 364


83. Effect of Nozzle Vane Shape on Performance of Variable Geometry Turbocharger  

Authors: D. B. Pawar, Dr. S. S. Ingole

Page No.: 365 - 371


84. Review on Five Levels Multiple Pole Space Vectors PWM with Reduced Components  

Authors: Ms.Vipashyana P.Athawale, Mr.Nikhil A.Wanjari

Page No.: 372 - 374


85. Review on Chopper use with SVPWM in Implementation of Four Quadrant DC Drive  

Authors: Pragati S. Dhanke, Nikhil A.Wanjari

Page No.: 375 - 379


86. An Overview of Some Important Issues and Recent Trends in BLDC Motor  

Authors: Mr. Shubham A. Harane, Mr. K. N. Sawalakhe

Page No.: 380 - 382


87. Review on Performance Analysis of Various Active Power Filters  

Authors: Mr. Shashibhushan R. Shahu, Mr. Nikhil A. Wanjari

Page No.: 383 - 385


88. Review On Implimentation Of Wirless Sensor Network For Monitoring Electrical and Mechanical Fault in Three Phase Induction Motor  

Authors: Ms.Priti G.Mhala, Mr.Kunal N.Sawalakhe

Page No.: 386 - 390


89. Review Paper on Modeling of combination of PV-APF for Compensate of Utility Current and Nonlinear Load  

Authors: Mr. K. N. Sawalakhe, Mr. Rahul R. Parsodkar

Page No.: 391 - 394


90. Preparation and CO2 Gas sensing behavior of Polypyrrole Thick Film Sensor  

Authors: A. R. Choudhary, S.A. Waghuley

Page No.: 395 - 397


91. Review Paper On Micro-grid Frequency Stabilization with Motor Generator and Super-capacitor Based System  

Authors: Miss.Vidya Tiwari, Mr.K.Sawalakhe

Page No.: 398 - 400


92. Classification of Abnormalities in Retinal Images Using ANFIS  

Authors: Manisha P. Waghmare

Page No.: 401 - 408


93. The Gravitational Energy of a Black Hole  

Authors: P. B. Jikar, Dr. C. S. Khodre, S. D. Kohale

Page No.: 409 - 411


94. Mathematical Modeling of Photovolatic System and Unified Power Flow Controller  

Authors: Apurva A. Bhalerao, Preeti R. Rane

Page No.: 412 - 416


95. Design and Development of Robotic Arm for Special Purpose  

Authors: Shubham Dave, Aniket Banker, Rupali Butale, Gavaro Kuravar, Prof. M. W. Andure

Page No.: 417 - 420


96. A Survey on Various Techniques for Electrical Vehicle  

Authors: Mr. N.A.Wanjari, Mr. Amit M. Dodke

Page No.: 421 - 424


97. Design and Characterisation of Low Power Folded-Cascode Operational Amplifier  

Authors: Pallavi Kothe

Page No.: 425 - 427


98. Optimization of Steering Knuckle for All Terrain Vehicle  

Authors: S. J. Deshmukh, P. J.Bhadange

Page No.: 428 - 432


99. Review on a Lifetime Maximization of Wireless Sensor Network Using Support Vector Machine  

Authors: Mr. Ritesh S. Gujarkar, Prof. B. J. CHILKE

Page No.: 433 - 435


100. Development and Analysis for Three Wheeler Chassis  

Authors: Mr. Suyog P. Jungare, Prof. D. B. Pawar

Page No.: 436 - 441


101. Multi User Solar Operated Coin & Card Base Mobile Charging Unit  

Authors: Reetesh V. Golhar, Renuka P. Naware, Rikesh H. Vaidya, Awani P. Jain

Page No.: 442 - 444


102. The Illustrated Study of Detection of Copy Move Forgery of Digital image by Matching Triangle of Keypoint  

Authors: Sayali Badge

Page No.: 445 - 448


103. Comparisons of H.265/HEVC (High efficiency video coding) and H.264/AVC (Advance video coding) with the help of N-tap Interpolation Filter  

Authors: Miss. Shraddha S. Moghe

Page No.: 449 - 452


104. A Review paper on study and Applications of Quality Function Deployment in Quality improvement  

Authors: Sumit N. Balwani

Page No.: 453 - 456


105. Investigation and Analysis on the Effect of Homogeneity Enhancement of Charge for S.I. Engine  

Authors: Mr.Swapnil Vilas Nimkarde, Anant S. Bombatkar

Page No.: 457 - 466


106. Using Waste Material for Making Light Weight Bricks  

Authors: Prof. Niklesh R. Murekar, Prof. Roshan S. Satpute, Prof. Manish M. Chaudhari

Page No.: 467 - 470